Monday 10 October 2011

Wrestlemania 28 Countdown: The Top 28 Matches in Wrestlemania History - #24

Wrestlemania 28 Countdown: The Top 28 Matches in Wrestlemania History - #24

Wrestlemania VIII: Ric Flair vs "Macho Man" Randy Savage

Savage taking it to "The man".

Wrestlemania VIII is one of those Wrestlemania's which doesn't stand out as an event. It was just 'another' mania. But what made the Pay-Per-View was an epic encounter between then WWF Champion Ric Flair and "The Macho Man" Randy Savage. The match was full of drama ranging from Mr. Perfect interfering numerous times, Dave Hebner and of course Ms. Elizabeth sitting front row.

What the match is remembered for though is for its 'Wrestling'. From start to finish the match delivers as a wrestling match. Here is what the TLP staff thought about the match and why it is worthy of being in the Top #28 matches in Wrestlemania history.

gone_wilde: WrestleMania VIII was an event which had the potential to be great, but which failed to deliver on a few fronts. The much anticipated and sought after 'dream match' of the WWE's top draw, Hulk Hogan, versus arguably the greatest NWA World Heavyweight Champion of the 1980's, Ric Flair, never materialised. Instead, fans were presented with a 'double main event', with the 'Nature Boy' defending his WWE Championship against the Macho Man himself.

While on paper, a match between two such technically sound and seasoned veterens would no doubt be appealing, the match itself arguably surpassed expectations. It proved to be a grueling back and forth display of athleticism, with Flair eventually finding himself wearing the proverbial 'crimson mask' during a time when blood was strictly prohibited in the WWE, adding that little something extra that put the match over the top. The integration of Miss Elizabeth (Savage's wife at the time) into the fold only added to the match, and ensured that fans would be emotionally invested in the Macho Man's pursuit of his second WWE Championship.

The image of Savage hoisting his newly won WWE Championship high is still replayed to this day, leaving no doubt in anyone's mind that Macho Man vs. Ric Flair was not only one of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history, but also provided for a classic WrestleMania moment in its own right.

Darkside: Macho Man vs Ric Flair, to me, showed great class of pure wrestling ability that only these two men could throw on at the Grandest Stage of them all. Savage and Flair put on a show that was truly to go down as one of the best in WM History, while their match was something that many Savage and Flair fans remember to this day.

The match offered the great ability to what Flair had back in the day, from suplexes to the chops, while Savage brought his great athletic ability to the match with the high spots, elbows and outstanding maneuvers that only the Macho Man could deliver.

Towards the end of the match, it saw various near falls, and to one, Mr Perfect, interfering by pulling Savage off of Flair during on of the pin attempts. This saw a very worried Ms. Elizabeth, who, much to Dave Hebner's hope of not letting her come to the ring, failed as she was able to get ringside.

Which every official tried to make sure she would not interfere, Flair applied the Figure Four to Savage, which he by chance was able to get out and counter a second attempt by Flair. Savage in the end was able to roll up Flair for the win and pick up the WWF Championship in the process.

Sykesy: When I think of Macho Man's top matches his match with Flair comes to mind. As well as when I think of Flair's top matches. The reason being is that the match was such a great wrestling contest but at the same time so much controversy was surrounding the match. We had Ms. Elizabeth sitting at ringside, Dave Hebner refereeing the contest and Mr. Perfect standing in Flair's corner. Not to mention Flair also with his eye gouges and low blows. The match shifted from side to side continuously as us as fans were on the edge of our seat.

The match in the end lead to the victory of Randy Savage and the celebration afterwards with Ms. Elizabeth was a defining Wrestlemania moment. That is why this match is worthy of being in the top #28 matches in Wrestlemania history.

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