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WWE Raw Supershow Review, 03/10/2011 - Hell In A Cell Fallout

WWE Raw Super Show Review, 03/10/2011 - Hell In A Cell Fallout

I am anxiously sitting here a few minutes before Raw. Sort of wish NCIS would hurry the hell up. Anyway, What are we to expect tonight. Personally after last night at Hell In A Cell I expect to see John Lauranitis getting fired by Triple H. Also expect to see Miz, Truth and maybe Nash.

As for the afterthought (WWE Championship). I think we will see a Del Rio vs Punk feud as wrestling rumor sites have predicted. What does this mean for Cena? don't know and honestly don't care. Anyway raw is about to kick off.


As raw kicks off we are told that The King is still recovering. What the hell, He was meant to return. He may return later on tonight.

Singles Match
Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre
Orton starts the match in control working McIntyre's legs and arms in typical Orton fashion. They then go outside the ring and Orton throws McIntyre from barricade to barricade. McIntyre then eventually gains control with a big boot but it is short lived when Orton hits his signature DDT followed by an RKO for the three.

This match was average as one would expect. Once again McIntyre gets his ass handed to him which really pisses me off .

Match Rating: 2/5

Post match Orton RKO's McIntyre again. Mark Henry then comes down to the ring and shows off his belt in front of Randy Orton. They start punching into each other as Henry beats down on Orton. But then Johnny Ace and security run down to ringside and separate both men. They break them up but once they do Orton jumps Henry and throws him over the guard rail.

After the break Henry is in the ring and they show a Mark Henry: Hall of Pain package. Pretty decent package to be honest. WWE then promote the return of The Big Show this week on Smackdown.

 Singles Match
Mark Henry vs John Morrison
Henry has control early but Morrison performs some very nice counters followed by some stiff kicks. Morrison then hit Starship Pain but only got the two count. Mark Henry then kicks morrison and then hits The World's Strongest Slam for the three count.

Pretty decent 3 or so minute match. Actually thought Morrison was gonna pick up the win.

Match Rating: 2.5/5

Morrison then receives another World's Strongest Slam after the match. Mark Henry then cuts a promo saying he is done with Orton and sets his sights on The Big show mentioning that Shows return will be the quickest in WWE history as he will put him back on the shelf.

Backstage we see John Lauranitis with all the individuals 'suing' Triple H. We then cut to a break.

After the break we see Cody Rhodes, Christian, Alberto Del Rio, Vickie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio in the ring. Del Rio talks about how he won last night but couldn't celebrate because of the beatdown from The Miz and R-Truth. He suggests Triple H was behind the raising and lowering of the cell as he is the only man with the authority to do this.

Christian then claims that he won't stand for this anymore. Ziggler then claims that they will be taking action into their own hands. Triple H then comes out and compares everyone in the ring to little kids as all they do is complain. Triple H then talks up the 12 man Tag match forgetting to mention Mason Ryan. After this segment Cole mentions that nothing was achieved and no questions were answered. Really pointless segment to promote the 12 Man Tag match.

Kelly Kelly and Eve come out for ANOTHER tag team bout. This is like the fourth week straight. Terrible booking when The Bella's are doing nothing.

Diva's Tag Team Bout
Kelly Kelly and Eve vs Beth Phoenix and Natayla
Beth starts the match off in control as she throws Kelly out the ring but then Kelly goes all brat like and bangs Beth's head against the announce table repeatedly to get the DQ.

Terrible ... Just terrible. Kelly's screaming was so aggravating.

Match Rating: 0/5

Backstage we see John Lauranitis and Trips. John expects an apology from Triple H for shoving him last night. John then suggests Triple H asks the superstars to evaluate his performance as C.O.O. Lauranitis then suggests that he is scared. Triple H then tells Lauranitis that he isn't scared of them, only scared that the man closest to him is undermining him.

We come back to see Jinder Mahal talking jibberish. Santino then comes out and mocks Jinder Mahal. Both men then have a match.

Singles Match
Santino Marella vs Jinder Mahal 
Jinder Mahal has control but goes for a flying knee in the corner as Santino moves out of the way. Santino Marella then hits the cobra for the three count.
Match Rating: 0.5/5

As we comes back from advertisments we see a package promoting Brodus Clay. We then see the ending of Hell In A Cell. Not gonna go into detail as I am sure you are all aware of what occurred. Just wanna say though that there is one bit when trips is mauling Miz where the punches look legit. If they were, Nice work by WWE to make it look more legit.

We then see a Youtube Video of The Miz and R-Truth apologizing to the WWE Universe about what they did but they said they had to get noticed as Triple H never listens to them. They then mention their attorneys applying there will be a lawsuit coming to Triple H or the WWE.

Just wanna say while this video was shown there was a comment under the video which read "Kayfabe Lives!". Got a good kick out of this as this was on WWE TV.

12 Man Tag Team Match
John Cena, CM Punk, Sheamus, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston and Mason Ryan vs Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes, Christian and David Otunga.
Before the match started, Punk come out to the ring wearing his Ice-Cream bar T-Shirt = WIN!!!

The match kicks off with Cena in control as he hits a flapjack on Christian before beating down David Otunga. Mason Ryan and Dolph Ziggler then start to go at it with Ryan throwing Ziggler out of the ring. Del Rio's team then regroups but Ziggler is hit with a devastating Powerslam by Ryan. Really impressive to be honest. Seems like Ryan is gonna go far. Sheamus and Jack Swagger then go at it and Sheamus completely mauls Swagger. Swagger eventually gets on the attack taking out Sheamus' legs. Punk then gets the tag in from Sheamus while Swagger tags in Cody Rhodes. Rhodes has control for awhile beating down on Punk. Punk regains control with a nice leg lariat before hitting his signature Knee and bulldog. A stand off then happens between both teams as Raw cuts to a break.

We come back to see Rhodes hitting a Flash kick on Kofi. Del Rio then takes control of Kofi until Christian tags himself in. Christian hits a nice neck breaker as Cena's team gets distracted. Swagger illegally gets in the match but then tags in Ziggler (Seemed pointless). Rhodes tags himself in and throws Kofi out of the ring.

Team Del Rio, The men suing Triple H
Christian tags in Swagger as swagger quickly tags in Ziggler (once again pointless). Ziggler & Kofi have a mid-air collision which leads to Bourne getting tagged in. Bourne hits the SSP but Vickie helps Swagger get his foot on the rope. Vickie is then sent backstage. As we come back, Del Rio counters the AA into an arm breaker on Cena. Then Del Rio's team gang up on Cena. Cena eventually tags in Sheamus. Sheamus destroys Ziggler but is speared by Christian. Everyone then hits their spots finishing with Sheamus hitting the brogue kick on Ziggler for the three count.

This honestly was a good match for 12 men. Everyone minus Swagger got decent in ring time. Also a solid ending which is rare in these matches.

Match Rating: 3.5/5

The WWE Staff walking out on C.O.O Triple H
Up next is the vote of confidence. The majority of wrestler's and referee's come out to the ring which was pretty cool. Jerry "The King" Lawler then comes out. HHH follows and mentions how difficult his job is. Trips mentions that The WWE Universe is their boss in the end and not him. Wade Barrett speaks on behalf of the roster (???). He talks HHH down saying that it is an unsafe working environment.

Mike Chioda speaks on behalf of the referee's (Never give this guy a mic again please). He says it is unsafe to go to work. In the end everybody including the commentery team, Justin Roberts and sound tech walk out. Even the camera men. John Lauranitis then walks out only to turn his back on Triple H.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

- 12 Man Tag Match
- Little Cena exposure
- Major advancements in the Triple H angle
- Santino Marella return
- Henry/Orton

- Poorly worked Diva's segment
- Lack of Punk
- No Ryder!
- Lack of Alberto Del Rio ... The new WWE Champion
- McIntyre getting squashed
- Jinder Mahal

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