Sunday, 28 August 2011

Impact Wrestling Review 8/25/11

Angle/Crimson Promo: Decent start to the show. The content was repetitive, and the same of the other promos in the last few weeks. Crimson is awkward on the mic, Angle had him beat during the entire duration of the promo. Immortal comes out, Bully Ray says a few pointless words. Also, Angle's status(whether he's in Immortal or not) is un-clear. I wish they could make it simple, instead of over-complicating everything.

Velvet Sky/ODB/Jackie Moore Segment: Weren't these ladies feuding not too long ago? Now they're a team? Makes no sense.

Hogan/Flair/Eric Bischoff Segment: It was just about Sting losing his mind, as they've mentioned a million times before.

1.) Angelina Love/Sarita/Rosita vs Velvet Sky/ODB/Jackie Moore:

Short, but it was alright. It could have been better. Angelina Love shoves Rosita after the match, cool.

Match Rate: 1 out of 5

2.) Kid Kash vs Jesse Sorenson:

Short, but it was decent. Good work by both of them. Sorenson is impressive, and Kash is a personal favorite. Exchange after the match, security breaks it up.

Match Rate: 2 out of 5

3.) BFG Series: RVD vs D'angelo Dinero :

Not a fan of either guy, but it was decent. RVD gains 10 points, trying to get back into the mix. Samoa Joe attacks Dinero, and Devon makes the save.

Match Rate: 2 out of 5

Robbie E/Rob Terry Segment: This was funny, I guess Robbie E wants Terry to manage him. I thought Terry was with The British Invasion? Whatever.

Knockouts Brawl: Sarita/Rosita attack Love, Winter makes the save. Entertaining, Winter is a good character. Mexican America showed up to help Sarita/Rosita.

Traci Brooks/Eric Bischoff segment: Traci really wants to be the Knockout Law, EB announces he'll announce it next week, and he's also trying to "get some", but who can blame him?

Hogan/Flair/Sting Promo: It's the same stuff repeated over and over again! TNA does not have a good promo game, at all. Boring, stale, it doesn't stick out. Sting delivers on his end, Flair/Hogan are boring. Some funny parts, Flair always screams, and Sting wants Hogan at BFG? Oh God..

AJ Styles/Daniels Promo: Didn't we just hear a damn promo? Wrestling matters? Rightt. Emotional promo, AJ Styles agrees to another match.

4.) BFG Series, Styles/Beer Money vs Ray/Steiner/Gunner:

Good brawl match, Fortune should have gone over, but Ray gets the points. Mr. Anderson returns, and takes out Immortal. Cool?

Match Rate: 2.5 out of 5

Eric Young/Scott Baio Package: Funny stuff! EY needs to wrestle, though.

5.) Crimson vs Kurt Angle:

Good match, but Samoa Joe causing the DQ ruined it. Joe attacks Crimson after, and Crimson is taken out of the BFG Series cause of the injury angle.

Match Rate: 3 out of 5

Conclusion: Not really a good show. It could have been a lot better, and the featured storylines are boring, and played out. They're on the road next week, I'm hoping for better. Crimson/Angle feud is the only interesting thing at the moment.

Overall Rating: 4/10

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