Tuesday 15 November 2011

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Monday 31 October 2011

AJ Styles: WWE Bound?

If you're a fan of TNA you'll know that AJ Styles has been one of the longest tenured wrestlers there, having been with the company since the very beginning. Over the years, AJ Styles has been a featured performer in TNA, and arguably the best all-round wrestler in the company. In my honest opinion, AJ Styles should be the face of TNA right now. If you listen to the average mark posting on some YouTube video, of course AJ is already the face of TNA, and TNA is the only place which truly showcases AJ's ability. But quite frankly, nothing could be further from the truth.

One must only watch TNA for a couple of weeks to see that AJ is hardly being 'showcased'. While in the past, AJ played a prominent role in TNA, and contributed greatly to the growth of the company, (which was originally designed to be a viable alternative to the WWE product) nowadays nothing could be further from the truth. AJ is hardly playing a prominent role in the current TNA product, and is barely contributing to its 'growth'. This is not the result of AJ's own failure, but is rather the fault of TNA Management. Ever since Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff arrived in TNA, we have seen the slow demise of AJ Styles.

At their arrival, AJ was the Heavyweight Champion, and had been for several months. I like to think of AJ at that time as being almost like the Bret Hart of TNA. Was he the best 'mic-guy' of all time? Probably not. But he was legitimately the best worker in the company, and night-in and night-out AJ put on show-stealing performances which could not be matched. Any fan could tune into TNA and know that AJ Styles was legitimately the best wrestler in the company. Following the arrival of Hogan and Bischoff, Styles dropped the title to Rob Van Dam in a match that had virtually no build (booking gold) and has not won it since that time.

Rather, since dropping the World Heavyweight Championship, AJ has been thrust into factions and kept at the midcard level. No offense to Fourtune, but AJ being in Fourtune does absolutely nothing for him, and quite frankly TNA does not need any more factions. TNA seem to always go back to factions, whether its the MEM or Immortal, presumably thinking that they can replicate the success of the nWo, that factions are somehow the key to success in the wrestling business. Not only was the formation of Fourtune meaningless, it has served as a means through which AJ could be kept at the midcard level for the past year and a half, and prevent him from being in the main event where he belongs. Instead, TNA puts guys like Jeff Hardy, who has been convicted of drug trafficking and is a known addict, in the main event, while AJ floats off into obscurity. No, TNA is not showcasing AJ Styles anymore.

While in the past, AJ has always been supportive of TNA, that seemingly has changed, with Styles posting several anti-Hogan comments on twitter, and criticising the direction of the company he helped build, sparking talk that AJ could be headed for the WWE when his contract expires. The majority of fans, when rumours of AJ going to WWE arise, are quick to bash the WWE and suggest that AJ should stay in TNA. However, considering the quality of TNA's current product....what exactly is so bad about AJ Styles going to the WWE? The typical reason cited is that WWE wouldn't know how to use AJ Styles, but history says otherwise. Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit (:O), and most recently CM Punk, are all examples of smaller guys, who were great workers, who were allowed to showcase their talent on the WWE stage. Just because Colt Cabana or Low Ki didn't make it in the WWE, doesn't mean that AJ is suddenly doomed as well.

I understand that the WWE is this big bad corporation, and the popular thing to do on the internet nowadays is to bash the WWE and praise indy promotions, just so you can seem like a real "smark" (if there is such a thing) and like you know what good wrestling is, but to deny the fact that the WWE's product has consistently improved in recent months is ludicrous. Internet fans wanted CM Punk, they got CM Punk. They wanted Christian, they got Christian. They wanted more edgier content, now swearing is commonplace and angles centred around chaos and the destruction of the WWE are in full force. Nothing will ever be good enough for the so-called internet smarks, but the WWE has indeed improved, and quite frankly I would love to see AJ make the jump.

Imagine the matches that AJ could have with Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, CM Punk or even John Cena? AJ making the jump to the WWE will allow for fresh match-ups, dream matches that we never thought we would see, and would finally answer the much debated question over whether or not the WWE knows how to use AJ Styles. What's the worst that could happen? WWE wastes AJ and then he goes back to TNA, which of course, is the only place that knows how to showcase AJ Styles...right? The alternative? AJ stays in TNA and continues to be mis-used until he finally retires. So I invite internet fans to stop being so cynical, and instead imagine the matches we could see if AJ Styles did indeed go to the WWE.

Impact Wrestling review 10/20/11

Opening promo: Sting comes out to a great reaction. He says he got the real Hogan back, and he got TNA back for Dixie Carter. Sting says Hogan did the right thing, and then Hogan comes out. Hogan says he's been wrong for the past year or so. Hogan says Eric helped him through the times, and sided with him on business decisions. Hogan shakes Sting's hand, leaving the ring. Dixie Carter comes out to the ring. Sting says this is Dixie's second chance, and she can't make mistakes. Dixie promises she won't. Dixie says Sting will have to help her out, and he agrees. Kurt Angle then comes out to the ring. Angle says Dixie lied to him, that's why he's in Immortal. Angle says he will represent TNA, and that he's the best. Sting announces Roode vs Angle for the title, but Angle says the contract only allowed Roode to have one match. James Storm comes out to the ring, and says he'll take the match for Roode. Sting makes it official. SO MUCH EFFING TALKING, JESUS CHRIST. Almost the entire first hour was blown on this promo.

1) Knockout Tag Team Championship: Angelina Love/Winter vs Ms.Tessmacher/Tara(c)

Longest match of the night, and it wasn't that good. Tara/Tessmacher retain.

Match rate: 2/5

Jeff Jarrett/Jeff Hardy promo: Jeff Jarrett comes out with Karen, and calls out Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy comes out. Jarrett says Hardy can't just get his chance back cause Dixie is back in control. Jeff says nobody cares about Hardy. Hardy says the fans want him in TNA. Jeff J strikes Hardy, and they go at it, and guards come out to stop the brawl. Jarrett low blows Hardy, and leaves.

Kurt Angle segment: Angle says nobody gets the upper hand on him. He throws a chair to end the segment.

Eric Young/Robbie E/Rob Terry segment: Robbie E shows up to EY, and wants a TV title shot because he deserves it. Eric says he knows cause Robbie is a Jersey Shore star, then he insults Terry. Eric Young says he's bringing back up from the Jersey Shore to take Robbie out.

2)Gunner vs. Abyss

Abyss dominated Gunner, and Gunner left and got counted out. That was it, seriously.

Match rate: 1/5

Velvet Sky segment: Velvet says the moment was worth it. She says she owes it all to the fans, and that she's going to thank them.

Ric Flair/Immortal segment: Flair is talking to Immortal, and Gunner comes in, saying that was the monster out there. Eric has no idea what Gunner is talking about, and Immortal leaves.

Velvet Sky/Karen Jarrett promo: Velvet says she is proud to be Knockouts Champion. She says the fans are great. Karen comes out with Traci. Karen screams, and asks security to take Velvet and Traci from the ring. Madison Rayne walks out, when Gail Kim attacks Velvet Sky from behind. Great to see Gail back!

Eric Bischoff/Hulk Hogan promo: Eric comes out with Immortal. He calls Hogan out, and out comes Hogan. Hogan says Eric has one chance to say whatever he wants. Eric asks how Hogan could betray Immortal, and that he made Hogan what he is today. Eric talks about his son, and slaps Hogan. Immortal surrounds Hogan, but Sting makes the save. Eric's son is on the ramp, and Eric rips his shirt off. Eric's son punches Eric right in the face, and gives the thumbs up to Hogan.

James Storm/Robert Roode segment: James says he wish he had more time to prepare for this match. Roode says it's his time, and tells James to win. James walks to the stage.

3) TNA World Championship: James Storm vs. Kurt Angle (c)

All the match was... was punches by Angle, and kicks, then Storm hit the super kick to become the NEW World Champion. Storm went into the crowd, and Fortune brought beer to the ring. They all celebrated the victory. Storm says it's good to be on top, Roode is glad James won.

Match rate: 1/5

Conclusion: Shit show. Just like last year's post-BFG show... all talking, little wrestling. I do not see the point of James Storm being champion, and there was so much talking that the match was rushed. Gail Kim's return is the only good thing noting.

Overall rate: 2/10


    - Gail Kim's return


    - Rushed matches

    - Too much talking

    - Swerve with Storm being World Champion

    - Shit storylines/feuds

Sunday 23 October 2011

Smackdown: 21/10/2011

Its Friday night, crack the cold ones and put the parents to bed. Its time for Friday night Smackdown. Like Monday we are coming again live (ish) from Mexico, but unlike Monday …. and unlike anywhere in the world for that matter the fans in attendance are behind their hometown superestrella Mr Del Rio.

Teddy, in usual fashion comes to break up the Mexican fiesta to announce tonights main event, that being Del Rio against a certain large …. and a somewhat disgruntled “weapon of mass destruction” Big Show. Of course Del Rio still feels he shouldn’t compete tonight, then again he never feels he should. Nonetheless tonights main event is set and the night begins.

Back form the break and we start the night with a reply from Monday's night. Morrison's music hits and the bell rings. Despite an impressive effort by John Morrison, the power of Mark Henry would win out as Henry plants Morrison with the World’s Strongest Slam en route to picking up the win. Regarding Morrison, weighing into the will he or wont he leave debate. Its hard to say but if there is one Superstar on the WWE roster that im tired of seeing (Cena aside!) its the Prince of Parkour. Nothing against the guy, but nothing for him either. For me, a move to TNA would do him wonders. Back to the match, despite the length it was a sold opener which continues to cement Henry as the man to top on the blue brand. 6.5/10

Backstage post match and WWE scramble to fill card for Sunday's Vengeance PPV. Thanks to Teddy Dolph Ziggler will be involved in two matches now with the second being, and much predicted US title shot for your main Broski, Zack Ryder! Plus, Christian will get “one more match” against The Great White one Sheamus. Christian and Sheamus will no doubt put on a great match. Regarding Ziggler and Ryder, this could be a great way for WWE to give Ryder some belt time but have Ziggler and Swagger gain the tags titles as WWE continue to build the tag division. Vengeance just got interesting.

Next up its time for “The Great Barret uprising” to take on “buzzkill” Danial Bryan .. not my words. In a renewal of their rivalry, former Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett went one-on-one with Daniel Bryan. In the end, it was Wade Barrett hitting Wasteland on Daniel Bryan en route to picking up the win and continuing the losing streak of “Mr. Money-in-the-Bank”. Looking back in hindsight, because thats a wonderful thing I cant see why WWE would give the blue briefcase to Bryan. Sooner or later you would think the briefcase will become a stipulation in much the same way a belt becomes available. Regarding tonights match this was much a physical affair as ive seen from these two in awhile. 7/10

Commercials over next on tonights card was Smackdowns turn for the obligatory heels vs faces tag match. In tonights mix we have Ziggler teaming with Christian taking on Sheamus and Ryder. The crowd is really hot though as all four superstars hit their high spots for the fans in attendance. In the end, it was Christian trying to give his team the advantage by distracting Sheamus, but the plan backfired as “The Great White” blasted Dolph Ziggler with a vicious Brogue Kick en route to pinning the United States Champion to pick up the win for his team. After the match during the commercial break, Sheamus was making his exit when a frustrated Christian re-emerges, blasting Sheamus with a Spear on the stage! 7/10

(Promo) Rhodes yes, Orton no. Regarding my two cents. I always thought the clear acrylic mask for Rhodes was pointless as a mask should hide the combatants face. As time flies and its now considered something of a weapon moreso something to “hide” behind, it really works. A lot of hype fot this one Sunday. Fingers crossed the match delivers.

Then it was time for one Sin Cara to be shamed forever on his home turf of Mexico City as Sin Cara Azul faces Sin Cara Negro in a Mask vs. Mask Match as the culmination of the Sin Cara saga will end with the losing Sin Cara being forced to unmask. At the end of a hard-fought, high-flying match, it was Sin Cara Azul pulling off an impressive tilt-a-whirl headscissors into an armbar, forcing Sin Cara Negro to tap out. After the match, Sin Cara Negro would refuse to unmask, instead Negro attacks Azul, but Azul fights back, forcefully taking the mask off of Negro, exposing Sin Cara Negro's face to the world in his hometown! ….. EPIC! 8/10

For tonights main event its time for Big Show and Del Rio. After surviving the cross armbreaker of Alberto Del Rio, Big Show looked ready to deliver the chokeslam to the WWE Champion, but Del Rio’s personal ring announcer hops on the back of Big Show, leading to the disqualification. After the match, Big Show levels Rodriguez with the W.M.D., following it up with a second W.M.D. to the WWE Champion. Can anyone stop Big Show this weekend? 6/10

Post Smackdown and post Mexican tour full props goes to the crowds in attendance, they really appreciate the craft south of the border. Only critisisim of the night would be the main event which really didnt do much to want me to watch more. A big push for Sunday's Vengeance though did bring some symmetry to tonights show. While Sunday is looking promising on some fronts. I think we all can agree its Survivor Series in November we are focused on as we look towards Wrestlemaina 28 and returns of some big name Superstars. Till next time.


Wednesday 19 October 2011

WWE Raw Supershow 10/17/2011 Review - Mexican Standoff


The show starts off with the new Interim GM of RAW, John Laurinaitis, makes his way out to the ring to kick of RAW from Mexico, for the first time ever. We are shown a quick replay of what happened last week with Vince McMahon returning and taking the GM position away from Triple H and making Laurinaitis the Interim General Manager of RAW.

Ace starts off RAW saying that Rey Mysterio will make his return here tonight, but then cuts it short saying he's in San Diego seeing his doctor about rehab and won't be here tonight. Ace says the Mexican people have no sense of humor with his joke about Rey's return on RAW. Ace goes on about how the WWE is looking for a GM of RAW, and until then he will have control of RAW and treat it with honor.

Ace goes on about how he received disturbing tweets on his Twitter account and that he listened to the fans for what happened last week, and brings out Jim Ross. Ross comes out a nice response from the crowd. Ross heads over to the commentary booth when Ace asks him to get in the ring instead. Ace gives Ross a surprising hug, and talks about the beef between himself and Michael Cole. He says this has to end and will end tonight, and announces Alberto Del Rio & Michael Cole vs. John Cena & Jim Ross for the Main Event.

Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes & Christian vs. Randy Orton, Sheamus & John Morrison

A typical 6 man tag team match, with mostly Sheamus targeting Christian and Orton targeting Cody Rhodes. Morrison happened to be thrown into the mix as Mark Henry is feuding with Big Show on SmackDown. The ending saw Orton chased Cody out of the arena, while Sheamus and Christian went at it in the crowd. Ending saw Mark Henry squash Morrison with the World's Strongest Slam for the win.

Match Rating: 2/5

We are shown a promo for the once ally of Alberto Del Rio, Brodus Clay. While Clay has shown some skill in the ring on NXT, I'm yet to get or go near any Clay bandwagons.

Laurinaitis is shown backstage in his office talking to supposedly his wife on the phone, asking if he looked good earlier. The Bella Twins come up on each arm of Laurinaitis, and introduce themselves to him with a kiss on the cheek. He gets back on the phone when Ricardo Rodriguez tries to talk to him saying Alberto wants to talk to him. Alberto doesn't wait and comes up to Laurinaitis. Del Rio says what's up with him teaming up with Michael Cole against Ross and Cena in the main event. Del Rio calls Laurinaitis loco. Laurinaitis says the winner of the match gets to pick the stipulation for Cena vs. Del Rio at Vengeance this Sunday.

Eve vs. Natalya

Eve comes to the ring with Kelly Kelly, as Natalya comes out with Beth. In my opinion, it was a true upset, and not in a good way, for Eve to go over Natalya. With someone like Natalya who has pure class and wrestling ability to loose to someone, who is just eye candy like Eve, is a disgrace, even if the storyline is for them pushing Beth.

Match Rating: 1.5/5

CM Punk vs. The Miz

The Savior of RAW, CM Punk makes his way out to the arena to a pretty big ovation from the Mexican crowd, for his match against The Miz.

Truth and Miz come out to a heel reaction, while Miz says the Mexican crowd is completly stupid (as Miz does know Spanish I've heard) I am personally digging their entrance theme, a remix of Truth's 'Whats Up?' to 'You Suck'. I'm all in for the Awesome Truth bandwagon.

Miz says that he and Truth will never let Punk near the WWE Championship ever again, and did something he couldn't do, and that was remove Triple H running RAW. Triple H's music cuts Miz and Truth off as The King of Kings makes his way out to the ring. HHH gets in the ring, side by side Punk, as Truth and Miz get worried that Punk has Trips out here.

The match was a good bout in my view, compared to the rest of the matches on RAW tonight. Punk and Miz have shown in the past that when they wrestle, they can put on a good bout, on any given day. Half way during the match, Laurinaitis comes out and gives papers to HHH explaining something was wrong with his Visa and that he's not permited in Mexico. HHH eventually leaves, before giving a right hand to Truth, laying him out.

The ending saw Punk being able to roll up Miz for the quick win, but the celebration was short lived when Miz attacked Punk again after the match.

Match Rating: 3.5/5

We are shown some Mexican music played outside the arena as Cole introduces us the Spanish Announcers. After, Michael Cole shows King how strong he is by bending objects, getting ready for the Main Event.

Zack Ryder vs. Jack Swagger

Vickie comes out in a traditional Salsa dress as Swagger and Ziggler are by her side. Ziggler and Swagger rant on about Mexico being grateful for them in the ring, while Swagger sings the American National Anthem for heat from the crowd.

Pretty much not even a match, with surprisingly, a squash from Ryder to Swagger for the quick, out of the blue, win.

Swagger and Ziggler corner Ryder on the outside as Mason Ryan makes his way out to the ring for Ryder. Personally, I think Ryan is WAY too big for any ring performances, I'm even going out on a limb to say Batista could put on a better match than Mason.

Mason gets on the microphone and tells Ziggler him and Mason have a match next so he shouldn't be going anywhere.

Mason Ryan vs. Dolph Ziggler

A much longer match than Ryder/Swagger, with a typical powerhouse performance from Mason, ending saw Swagger attempting to get involved, but was short lived by Mason, as he picks up the victory.

Match Rating: 2/5

Backstage, Jim Ross and John Cena talk about the Main Event. Ross asks Cena if he can get his hands on Cole, and Cena says he will let him do it.

Josh Matthews joins King on commentary as we are run down of the card for this Sunday's PPV, Vengeance.

John Cena & Jim Ross vs. Alberto Del Rio & Michael Cole

Most of the in ring work was obviously done by Cena and Del Rio, with a good, but short lived, in ring performances by both men. Del Rio in the end tagged in Cole and left the ring area as Cena threw Cole inside the ring, and Ross applied the Ankle Lock to pick up the ring for himself and Cena.

Match Rating: 3/5

After the match, Cena and Del Rio brawled with Cena getting the upper hand, laying Del Rio out a FU and laying him out with steel steps. Cena then announces the match at Vengeance for the WWE Championship will be a Last Man Standing Match.

- CM Punk vs. Miz Match
- Punk/HHH/Awesome Truth storyline
- Laurinaitis Heel Character
- First RAW in Mexico

- Jim Ross in a WWE ring again
- Not enough hype for Del Rio in Mexico
- Poor Divas Squash
- Squash of Morrison yet again.

Wrestlemania 28 Countdown: The Top 28 Matches in Wrestlemania History - #23

Wrestlemania 28 Countdown: The Top 28 Matches in Wrestlemania History - #23

Wrestlemania 2000/16: Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle

Jericho vs Benoit vs Angle at WM 16 was contested for two championships. The WWF European Championship and the WWF Intercontinental championship. Two falls, One championship for each fall.

Angle walked into the match holding both the belts but walked out with neither. This match was a wrestling classic and was the underrated match to come out of Wrestlemania 16.

The TLP Staff share their thoughts:

Sykesy: This match was an instant classic. Sure it may be overshadowed at times to the Triangle Ladder Match but this match was pure wrestling and it had three of the best wrestlers in the industry. The concept is also what made the match so great. Two falls for separate championships.

The match as a whole was straight out wrestling with angle trying to cheat as always. If my memory serves me right, benoit took the European Championship as Jericho won the Intercontinental.

Darkside: This was the first true competition all three new comers in the WWE had, and to me, really escalated their careers and showed the wrestling world, how good not just only Kurt Angle is, but both Chris Beniot & Chris Jericho.

All men's respective careers really shot off from this point forward, and was even better being at all men's first WrestleMania's. The match was a true instant classic, and will go down in all men's life's, as a match they would never forget. Back then, the match showed that both the European and Intercontinental Championships were regarded as a high top prize, than what it is this day, sadly.

Tuesday 18 October 2011

TNA Bound For Glory 2011 review

Introduction: Bound For Glory is TNA's biggest PPV of the year, equivalent to WWE's Wrestlemania. Same stage as last year's BFG, no pyro(what the hell?), and it took place in Philly. Lockdown 2009 took place in the same arena, yet had double the fans TNA had for this. Anyways, let's get underway with the Bound For Glory 11' review.

1) X-Division Championship: Austin Aries(c) vs Brian Kendrick

Awesome match. This was a great way to kick off BFG. Both are excellent performers, and Aries got a pop cause of his ROH tenure, which is based out of Philly. Aries wins to retain the title.

Match rate: 3.5/5

Karen Jarrett/Traci Brooks segment: Karen will be the ref for the Knockouts match later on. Brooks is told to stay in the locker room, unless something happens to Karen.

2) Full Metal Mayhem: Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn

A feud that should have been buried at Destination X, re-emerged. Tables, ladders, and chairs(which is what FMM is), was the perfect stipulation for these guys to go at it. Not a good wrestling match, but entertaining, and a show of good sportsmanship after the match. RVD wins, as that was no surprise, Jerry never goes over in their matches. RVD, and Jerry, only got decent pops, but deserved better. They're ECW legends, and that's all the crowd gives them?

Match rate: 2.5/5

3) Samoa Joe vs Crimson vs Matt Morgan

I don't know why this was added to the card. But, Crimson won, to remain un-defeated, in a filler match. Samoa Joe is really buried deep, and needs to leave TNA, as soon as his contract expires.

Match rate: 2/5

Bully Ray interview: Bully says he doesn't need an introduction, but introduces himself anyways.. okay? He says Anderson is a fool, and he says screw Anderson, screw Philly, he's Bully Ray, and he's from New York City. Ray is an awesome heel.

4) Falls Count Anywhere: Mr. Anderson vs Bully Ray

Anderson got a big pop, at least his current face run is paying off. Good brawl match, but not good with the wrestling. Bully Ray has gone over many times, and Anderson picks up the win. I don't care for the feud, but good decision.

Match rate: 2/5

Eric Bischoff/Jackson James segment: Eric says Jackson(his son), is the ref for Hogan vs Sting. Eric says Hogan must win, and Sting must be brought down.

5) TNA Knockouts Championship: Winter (c) vs Mickie James vs Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne

Not really exciting, but alright match. Too much focus on Karen, who was bumped, and Traci Brooks counted the cover, leading to Velvet Sky becoming the NEW Knockouts Champion.

Match rate: 2/5

Kazarian interview: Kaz says he's happy for Roode. Kaz is not happy that Daniels and Styles are facing off tonight, but he hopes things end, but he knows they won't.

6) "I Quit" Match: AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels

This feud just like Jerry Lynn vs RVD, should have ended at Destination X. I wish the match featured more wrestling. AJ Styles goes over, and Daniels quits because Styles had a screwdriver. After the match, Daniels laid Styles out on the ramp with Angel's Wings, and says AJ never beat him, so who wins now? Okay, then.

Match rate: 2.5/5

Jeff Jarrett/Jeff Hardy promo:

Jeff Jarrett calls Hardy out to the ring. Hardy comes out, and attacks Jarrett, and security breaks them up. D Lo Brown got a big pop from the crowd, and Hardy had his mugshot on his shirt..?

7) Hulk Hogan vs Sting, if Sting wins, Dixie gets the company back

First of all, it's 2011, not 1997. Ric Flair was ringside, Hogan wore street clothes, absolute shitty match, and Sting picked up the win. Immortal beat down Sting, Hogan turns face, and attacks Immortal, revealing the real Hulk Hogan. Oh, God. I'm surprised neither got hurt, and Jackson James hesitated calling the bell when Hogan tapped.

Match rate: 1/5

8) TNA Championship Match: Kurt Angle (c) vs Bobby Roode

Great match. Great display of technical wrestling, and Roode didn't win, but that's because Hogan doesn't want him as champion. Angle retained by holding onto the ropes, and Roode's hand was under the rope. Bad ending, smh.

Match rate: 4.5/5

Conclusion: Apart from some things, I enjoyed this PPV. Roode vs Angle could have done without the terrible ending, but that's me. BFG 10' was better, in my humble opinion.

Overall rate: 6/10


~ X-Division title match
~ Velvet Sky finally winning the Knockout title
~ AJ Styles going over
~ Angle vs Roode(match wise)


~ RVD going over(again)
~ Karen Jarrett as the ref
~ Daniels weak heel portrayal
~ Weak finish to Roode vs Angle

Monday 17 October 2011

Impact Wrestling review 10/13/11

Introduction: The 10/13 edition of Impact was the go home show for Bound For Glory, TNA's biggest PPV of the year. This was the second of two tapings from Knoxville, Tennessee. Howdy, yall.

Opening promo: Angle comes out, and calls Robert Roode to the ring. Roode comes out, and Angle says Roode passed the test, and beat his Fortune friends. Angle says he'll prove he's the better man on Sunday. Angle extends the hand, but Roode refuses. Roode says at BFG, everyone will find out who has the bigger heart. Roode wants nobody getting involved on Sunday. Angle agrees, and they shake hands. Angle exits, and reminds Roode he'll take on Jeff Jarrett/Gunner in a handi-cap match.

1) AJ Styles/RVD vs Daniels/Jerry Lynn

The match started as a brawl, with both teams still brawling from backstage. This match was boring, with not a whole lot going on. AJ Styles pinned Jerry Lynn, as Daniels walked away.

Match rate: 2/5

2) Samoa Joe vs Matt Morgan

Short, boring match. Matt Morgan wins, and Joe attacks him, but Crimson makes the save. Samoa Joe says it'll be him, Crimson, and Matt in a 3 way dance at Bound For Glory.

Match rate: 2/5

Mexican America/Ink Inc promo: Hernandez calls Ink Inc "wannabe tough guys". Ink Inc comes out, and Neal says Mex America talks all this crap about America, but the fact is, they live here(terrible promo line). Neal asks Anarquia to show his tat that Shannon Moore gave to him, Shannon says something will happen that will make everyone happy, and tells Mex America to get out. They brawl, and Christina Von Erie officially makes her debut, and makes the save for Ink Inc. Neal says Mex America can bring all the women they want at BFG, cause they have their's.

3) Kendrick/Sorenson vs Aries/Kash

Short, yet decent. Kendrick picked up the win, which makes sense going into Bound For Glory.

Match rate: 2.5/5

Knockouts promo: Karen Jarrett and Traci Brooks came out to the ring, followed by Mickie James, Winter, Velvet Sky, and Madison Rayne. This was mostly just Velvet and Karen going at it, the whole "class" vs "trash" thing. Karen said she had to fight to get the Knockouts on PPV. Sky bumped Karen, a big brawl ensued, security broke it up.

Bully Ray segment: Bully says he's the perfect guy to be an enforcer, and that nobody better mess with him.

AJ Styles segment: AJ Styles says it's all Daniels' fault, and that he couldn't let the victory go. Styles says to remember what happened to Dreamer(I Quit match), and Daniels attacks Styles.

4) Steiner vs Anderson w/Bully Ray as the special enforcer

Not much happened but Anderson wins. Abyss turns face, when he went to strike Anderson, but struck Steiner instead. Immortal beat down Abyss.

Match rate: 1/5

Kurt Angle/James Storm segment: Storm approaches Angle about how Roode found out Angle got involved in his match with him. Angle says Roode still pinned Storm. Storm said Roode will take out Angle, and leaves frustrated.

Jeff Jarrett segment: Jarrett says Roode has had luck lately, but won't have it tonight in the handi-cap match.

5) Jeff Jarrett/Gunner vs Robert Roode

Short, but it was alright. Angle and the rest of them beat down Roode, but Jeff Hardy made the save. I'm not a fan of Jeff, but nice way of getting him over as a face, again.

Match rate: 2/5

Jeff Jarrett/Jeff Hardy segment: Jeff Hardy says he returned to do good, and saved the future world champ tonight. Jarrett says he no longer respects Hardy, and that he better not show up at BFG. Hardy leaves, and Jarrett asks where he's going, and Hardy says to buy his tickey for BFG.

Hulk Hogan/Sting contract signing: Both signed the contract. Hogan rants about how Sting forced him into this match, and that he'll get the real Hulk Hogan. Sting says that's all he wants. Hogan says Sting will not make Hogan look bad. Bischoff comes out, and says if there's anything left, he'll kick Sting's ass. Hogan lays Sting out with a chair to end the show.

Conclusion: Not a good go home show. Weak hype, and nothing made it stand out that BFG is "must see". It could have been better.

Overall rate: 4/10


~ Kendrick going over
~ Roode/Angle promo
~ Christina Von Erie's debut


~ Contract signing
~ Abyss going face
~ Knockouts promo
~ RVD/Lynn feud
~ Bully Ray/Anderson feud

Sunday 16 October 2011

Darkside's World of Wrestling Rants Part 1

It's been a while since I've posted on TLP, as work as of late has been a pain in the backside, also due to working longer hours in order for my WrestleMania 28 trip, has put me out of the spotlight on the site for nearly a month now.

But after a hectic week of work and trying to get everything in order, I can formally say that I'm back, and think it would be fitting to begin a new entry in the blog entitled 'World of Wrestling Rants'.

Now it may not be what you think, No, I wont sit here for an hour talking about how "WWE should go TV-14!" or any other crap that usually spirals from rants on forums, this is more of a exposure to the things I've seen the past week in the world of Professional Wrestling.


Ever since Brock Lesnar made his debut in the WWE (then World Wrestling Federation) I had been a follower and a fan of Brock's wrestling skills and pure athleticism in the ring. Varying from the feuds he had with The Rock, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, among others, Lesnar showed the wrestling world, that he was indeed 'The Next Big Thing' and that Brock Lesnar was a name to be wreckened with in the WWE.

I was saddened by the news back in the start of '04 that Lesnar was on his way out of the WWE after WrestleMania 20, and that Lesnar was wanting to purse a career in the NFL. While I knew from previous DVDs including 'Before they were Superstars's that Lesnar was always a big fan of the NFL and always thought if wrestling didn't get him far, NFL would be the next step.

Seeing his match at WM20 was a disgust, that being thrown in with Bill Goldberg, who was also on his way out, really didn't look to me as a 'closure' in Brock's outstanding 2 year stunt in WWE.

Fast forward to 2011, Brock Lesnar eventually brought himself into the Mixed Martial Arts and is now apart of the UFC. Lesnar has shown that not only is he a brilliant wrestler, but also can go in the 'real world' of MMA. Now you might think, what's the point of this entry regarding Lesnar? Let me explain.

I was watching a whole heap of Lesnar matches on YouTube over the weekend, and then eventually went over to Brock's Facebook Page. This is where it got my anger meters up when i saw such comments as:

"I didn't like this page for fake wrestling crap"
"I will 'unlike' you if you keep posting WWE fake crap, I'm here for MMA!'
yada, yada, crap.

What pisses me off is that some of these little dweebs, love posting useless Pro-UFC - Pro-MMA crap on a whole heap of Lesnar or any former UFC-WWE wrestlers (Such as Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, etc)

What they dont get, that Brock Lesnar is a former NCAA Wrestling Champion. Not a former Fake Wrestling Champion, NCAA is pure WRESTLING. What most MMA fans think when they hear 'Wrestling' they automatically think 'FAKE' and 'LETS BASH WRESTLING, WWE and EVERY FAN'.

They fail to realize is that Brock Lesnar was well KNOWN through his wrestling roots, and if it wasn't for the WWE and how he got there, Lesnar wouldn't have got the recognition he does this day, which himself said on an interview back in 2009. Pure athletes also like Kurt Angle, Ken Shamrock, among others, still get bashed to this day about any involvement within the WWE.

I guess some of these so called 'MMA' fans need to watch some NCAA videos, or hell, maybe some Olympics from 1996 to show them the true meaning of professional wrestling.

Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of MMA, but I guess in this day and age, everyone loves to bash each other for a love of another sport, love hate relationships eh?


This is another topic that tends to always come across through the IWC as a 'shocker' whenever Jim Ross gets fired on RAW. Now, as of late since Ross ever came back after Triple H 'rehired' him on RAW, Ross, to me IMO, hasn't been the same since his glory days.

Now it may have been the fact that a 3 Man Booth doesn't work, especially with Cole thrown into the mix, but in all honesty, I rather have Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler do RAW, and only have Ross on PPV events (Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, SummerSlam, and of course WrestleMania.)

Back to the topic of Ross on RAW, I honestly think WWE removing Ross from commentary was a smart move. Not only does it give a break to a man at Ross's age, but also leaves the clutter out of trying to get each announcer to say a word. With SmackDown, it fits perfectly as Booker T only throws out his 'OH MY GOODNESS' and 'WHAT DA HELL?' randomly at times, offers it to the table.

Someone like Ross, didn't fit well in the Cole-Lawler RAW seat, as for obvious reasons, Lawler is 'Color' while Cole and Ross are use to full on PBP. Having two PBP's doesn't work out, at all. (Watch Royal Rumble 2004-2005)

Everyone needs to let go the Jim Ross fantasy of 1996-2006. We need to move on. (That's also looking at you Lawler!)

That's it for now seeing it's late where I am, watch out for Monday Night RAW Review on Tuesday :)


Wednesday 12 October 2011

Raw Supershow Review 10/10/11

Introduction: This week's Raw was the following to the WWE walkout. How did HHH respond? Will HHH step down as COO? Well, answers were given, but did more questions arise?

Opening promo: Triple H came out to the ring, and mocks the stars who are outside holding a rally because of working conditions. He says they all have gear on, but won't compete unless he steps down. HHH says he'll never quit. HHH says he'll wrestle a broomstick for 2 hours, cause it can give better matches than some guys out in the parking out(LOL!!!). Cena comes out, and talks about working for different authority figures, but that he's staying loyal to WWE. Sheamus comes out and talks about his past with Triple H. Sheamus says he traveled miles to be a part of Raw.

Punk comes out, and says he feel like he caused all of this. He says those in the parking lot understand what he was trying to do. He says he's here to "shut up and fight". HHH announces Sheamus vs Cena, with him as the ref, and Punk on commentary.

Very well executed promo.

1) Sheamus vs John Cena

There's not much to say here as the match barely got anything started due to Vince coming out to end the match. No contest.

Match rate: 1/5

Vince McMahon's return: Vince apologizes for ending the match, and that he came as soon as he could. He asks Cena and Sheamus to leave. He asks Punk to leave, and thanks them for standing up for what they believe in. Vince says he likes HHH's management style, but unfortunately, the Board of Directors are with the 55 talent members who walked out. They're worried it could get out of control, and lead to no more Raw, PPV's, etc. Vince says they're not going to take that chance, and says HHH's services are no longer required.

Vince announces until WWE finds someone to be General Manager, that the interim General Manager will be John Laurinaitis. HHH and Vince don't like the news.

Perfect timing for Vince to return, but John Laurinaitis as the GM, sucks.

55 talents re-enter: Laurinaitis welcomes those who walked out back to Raw Supershow. Morrison says Laurinaitis sucks, and Laurinaitis says to go to the ring. Christian says this is great, and Laurinaitis tells him to face Morrison.

2) John Morrison vs. Christian

Another short match. Morrison is definetely going to be released soon, he's an extreme jobber at this point. Christian picks up the win, then Christian, Ziggler, Swagger, and Rhodes attack Morrison. Beautiful!

Match rate: 1/5

Laurinaitis/HHH segment: Laurinaitis is on the phone with his wife, when HHH walks in. John says he didn't want the job, the board appointed him. HHH asks if John has ever tried to pick up his teeth with a bunch of broken fingers. That was an awesome line.

3) Mark Henry vs Randy Orton

Before the match, Henry says he doesn't back down from anybody. This match was crappy(much like their matches have always been). Cody Rhodes came, and gave Orton the win via DQ. Henry hit two World Strongest Slams on Orton, followed by Rhodes giving Orton the paper bag treatment.

Orton getting stomped on = absolutely gorgeous.

Match rate: 1/5

4) Kelly Kelly/Eve Torres vs. Tamina/Rosa Mendes

Typical short filler Divas match! Kelly/Eve pick up the win.

Match rate: 1/5

John Laurinaitis/JR promo: John comes out, asking for respect. He announces Del Rio vs Cena for the WWE title at Vengeance. He tells Jim Ross to come in the ring. John says JR is an ingrate, and that he walked out on WWE and Oklahoma. He fires JR.

I'm sure this was done to get John over as a heel, and it worked. I don't think JR will come back, until they find that GM they're looking for.

5) Mason Ryan/Air Boom vs. David Otunga/Jack Swagger/Dolph Ziggler

I hate these massive tag matches. Mason Ryan/Air Boom picked up the win, in a boring match.

Match rate: 2/5

6) Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

This match was decent, but ended due to Awesome Truth being re-hired.

Match rate: 2.5/5

7) Awesome Truth vs. CM Punk/Alberto Del Rio

John announced this as a tag match after Awesome Truth were re-hired to Raw. Not really an exciting match, Punk's team got the W via DQ. HHH made the save for Punk who was getting attacked. HHH/Punk vs Awesome Truth at Vengeance, when John backstage said he'll go to the board to make it happen.

Match rate: 2/5

Conclusion: Weak show. Johnny Ace as the interim GM is bogus. Short matches galore(again), and nothing really caught interest from me. Also, HHH and Punk hated eachother a month ago, now they're friends? Reminds me of Angle and Jarrett being in the same damn stable.

Overall rate: 3/10


~ Vince's return
~ Orton getting stomped on
~ Morrison getting stomped on


~ Short matches
~ Johnny Ace as the interim GM
~ Weak following to the walkout
~ JR's "firing"
~ Out of place storylines

Monday 10 October 2011

Wrestlemania 28 Countdown: The Top 28 Matches in Wrestlemania History - #24

Wrestlemania 28 Countdown: The Top 28 Matches in Wrestlemania History - #24

Wrestlemania VIII: Ric Flair vs "Macho Man" Randy Savage

Savage taking it to "The man".

Wrestlemania VIII is one of those Wrestlemania's which doesn't stand out as an event. It was just 'another' mania. But what made the Pay-Per-View was an epic encounter between then WWF Champion Ric Flair and "The Macho Man" Randy Savage. The match was full of drama ranging from Mr. Perfect interfering numerous times, Dave Hebner and of course Ms. Elizabeth sitting front row.

What the match is remembered for though is for its 'Wrestling'. From start to finish the match delivers as a wrestling match. Here is what the TLP staff thought about the match and why it is worthy of being in the Top #28 matches in Wrestlemania history.

gone_wilde: WrestleMania VIII was an event which had the potential to be great, but which failed to deliver on a few fronts. The much anticipated and sought after 'dream match' of the WWE's top draw, Hulk Hogan, versus arguably the greatest NWA World Heavyweight Champion of the 1980's, Ric Flair, never materialised. Instead, fans were presented with a 'double main event', with the 'Nature Boy' defending his WWE Championship against the Macho Man himself.

While on paper, a match between two such technically sound and seasoned veterens would no doubt be appealing, the match itself arguably surpassed expectations. It proved to be a grueling back and forth display of athleticism, with Flair eventually finding himself wearing the proverbial 'crimson mask' during a time when blood was strictly prohibited in the WWE, adding that little something extra that put the match over the top. The integration of Miss Elizabeth (Savage's wife at the time) into the fold only added to the match, and ensured that fans would be emotionally invested in the Macho Man's pursuit of his second WWE Championship.

The image of Savage hoisting his newly won WWE Championship high is still replayed to this day, leaving no doubt in anyone's mind that Macho Man vs. Ric Flair was not only one of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history, but also provided for a classic WrestleMania moment in its own right.

Darkside: Macho Man vs Ric Flair, to me, showed great class of pure wrestling ability that only these two men could throw on at the Grandest Stage of them all. Savage and Flair put on a show that was truly to go down as one of the best in WM History, while their match was something that many Savage and Flair fans remember to this day.

The match offered the great ability to what Flair had back in the day, from suplexes to the chops, while Savage brought his great athletic ability to the match with the high spots, elbows and outstanding maneuvers that only the Macho Man could deliver.

Towards the end of the match, it saw various near falls, and to one, Mr Perfect, interfering by pulling Savage off of Flair during on of the pin attempts. This saw a very worried Ms. Elizabeth, who, much to Dave Hebner's hope of not letting her come to the ring, failed as she was able to get ringside.

Which every official tried to make sure she would not interfere, Flair applied the Figure Four to Savage, which he by chance was able to get out and counter a second attempt by Flair. Savage in the end was able to roll up Flair for the win and pick up the WWF Championship in the process.

Sykesy: When I think of Macho Man's top matches his match with Flair comes to mind. As well as when I think of Flair's top matches. The reason being is that the match was such a great wrestling contest but at the same time so much controversy was surrounding the match. We had Ms. Elizabeth sitting at ringside, Dave Hebner refereeing the contest and Mr. Perfect standing in Flair's corner. Not to mention Flair also with his eye gouges and low blows. The match shifted from side to side continuously as us as fans were on the edge of our seat.

The match in the end lead to the victory of Randy Savage and the celebration afterwards with Ms. Elizabeth was a defining Wrestlemania moment. That is why this match is worthy of being in the top #28 matches in Wrestlemania history.

Sunday 9 October 2011

Impact Wrestling review 10/6/11

Introduction: The 10/6 edition of Impact Wrestling featured the first of two tapings from Knoxville, Tennessee. Also, Hogan's "retirement" celebration takes place, and Roode must take on his partner Storm, per order of Angle's plan!

Opening promo: Beer Money comes out to the ring. Storm says it's about time that Hogan takes a backseat, and let's the younger stars shine. Storm says him and Roode will tear the place down tonight. Roode welcomes Storm back home to his state, and says Fortune is family. He says he needs Storm to bring his best. Storm says he always saw Roode as a future World Champ, and that he'll bring it.

Nice opening promo! Big fan of Beer Money.

1) Gunner vs Kaz

This was a decent match, nice opening bout. Gunner got the win with an impressive submission, but wouldn't let go, giving Kaz the win via DQ. Gunner says "screw you all" as he headed to the back.

Match rate: 3/5

Mr. Anderson/Bully Ray promo:
Mr. Anderson apologizes to his assholes. Anderson says he doesn't like politics, and calls Bully Ray a douchebag. Bully Ray comes out. Bully Ray calls Anderson's fans "jackoffs", and says Anderson won't get another match. Anderson challenges Bully Ray to a Philadelphia Falls Count Anywhere match at Bound For Glory.

Not a big fan of either guy, but Anderson's emphasis on "ANYWHERE" made it seem like it's going to be a good brawl.

Eric Bischoff segment: Bischoff says his head is all over the place, and says Hogan's retirement is tough. Eric says they've handled business together, and that it's the end of an era.

Brian Kendrick segment: Kendrick is ranting about philosophy. He says he knows Aries' weaknesses', and that he's cleaning up the X-Division, and that guys like Kash are scumbags. Kid Kash attacks Kendrick, and tells him to clean his own blood.

2) Mickie James/Velvet Sky vs Winter/Madison Rayne

This was alright for a Knockouts match. Certainly better than any Divas match recently. Madison stole the victory for her team.

Match rate: 2/5

Kurt Angle/Eric Bischoff segment: Angle says he told Hardy to not show his face around TNA again. Angle wants to handle business, but Bischoff says he will.

Eric Bischoff/Jeff Hardy promo: Bischoff calls Jeff out to the ring. Eric says he's had the honor to work with the greats, guys that have paved the way for guys like himself and Jeff. Bischoff says he never dropped the ball, but that Jeff has turned that into an artform. Bischoff says Hardy is done, and to leave the ring. Hardy says he's glad EB spoke his mind. Jeff hits the Twist of Fate, and Immortal runs out, but Jeff exits through the crowd.

Jeff Hardy segment: Jeff says if he took what EB said, that would be wrong. He says if he's out of TNA, it's on his own terms.

3) Crimson vs Samoa Joe

Good match. A mix of brawling, and technical wrestling. Nice feud going on between these guys. Crimson wins to remain un-defeated!

Match rate: 3/5

Bully Ray segment: Ray says Anderson is either crazy, or has big balls. Ray says he'll end Anderson's career in Philly, where his career began. Ray says screw Philly, and that he's from NYC.

James Storm segment: James says he's happy for Roode, and that he's happy to prove he's one of the best. Storm says Robert says it pays to be Roode, Storm says he forgot his wallet, so sorry about your damn luck!

Robert Roode hype package: Roode talks about TNA, and his title match. Roode's parents' talk about how much Robert wants the title. He says he has respect for Angle, but doesn't get his deal, and that he doesn't care. Roode says nobody can hold him down.

4) Robert Roode vs James Storm

Great match. Excellent main event. Technical wrestling was showcased, and the match could have gone either way, and it was the best way to have Roode end the Fortune gauntlet. Angle came out during the match, and shoved Storm into the steel steps. Roode picked up the win.

Match rate: 4.5/5

Hulk Hogan's "retirement" Ceremony: The crowd chants "Hogan". Hogan says he woke up, and realized that today was his last day in the business. Hulk says when he arrived, Knoxville showed him love. Hogan says Hulkamania has been the longest run in history, and that it's time for it to be put to rest, and to let the celebration begin.

Sting comes out dressed in red and yellow. Sting asks the fans if they're buying into this crap. Hogan says Sting needs to leave him alone, and Sting shows footage of Bischoff and Hogan saying the retirement celebration was a scheme for fans to buy Hogan merchandise. Hogan says that's enough, and that he will fight Sting at BFG, and if Sting wins, Dixie gets the company back. Hogan covers his mouth, and Sting leaves.

Conclusion: Good episode of Impact, it really forwarded the BFG storylines. They left out RVD/Jerry Lynn, and Styles/Daniels, so, not all feuds got pushed. Not all promos were great, and Hogan's promo was realistic, but obviously bullshit.

Overall rate: 8/10


~ Gunner vs Kaz
~ Crimson vs Samoa Joe
~ Roode vs Storm
~ Hype package for Roode
~ No Karen Jarrett


~ Ray/Anderson feud
~ Hardy/Bischoff promo
~ Hogan's "retirement" ceremony

Saturday 8 October 2011

Smackdown: 07/10/2011

You don't lead by hitting people over the head - that's assault, not leadership
- Dwight Eisenhower
well I guess HHH still has a few things to learn from Ike.

As imagined we begin this weeks Smackdown with the events that transpired last Monday on Raw. Despite the walkout by the WWE roster they have agreed to compete so long as HHH is not in the building. What this means for Raw is beyond me, nonetheless a quality video package to begin which really did a good job to segue through to Monday.

Thanks to Teddy, Smackdown will go ahead though …. No Zack, Teddy has it under control … you know it, bro

A solid crowd tonight in Biloxi, Mississippi. The big news tonight will be the long awaited return of Big Show, only time will tell how an impending feud will transpire considering Orton seems to always have one hand on the title, its just sad being that Show just isn't championship material anymore.

Instead of an opening bout the “union members” from Monday night come to the ring. It seems that no matter what the WWE roster thinks HHH is so over with the WWE Universe, creative will have a tough time selling this angle to the fans to get it over and behind the union members. Likewise, Otunga is struggling to sell his lawyer persona too. It does puzzle me though if indeed he is a Harvard graduate (never bothered to investigate) how can he be so rough on the mic? Another thought being following this opener is how hypocritical it is to have Otunga talk about unsafe working environments yet was tearing the very fabric of WWE apart with Nexus this time last year. In typical WWE fashion I assume we are expected to magically forget that though.

Onto tonights matches. Overall there were a strong effort from the locker room tonight, albeit a little short. The opening match rang with Del Rio and Sin Cara (face). Much criticism of late has been over how the Sin Cara's are failing to put on strong matches with talk of heading back to FCW for the luchadors. I still believe WWE management will tail them so long as Mysterio is on the roster. Nonetheless there will be day when he will need to be replaced and its this reason alone Sin Cara as a brand will be around for a long time yet. Del Rio did go on to eventually win using his patent cross arm breaker. 6/10

Next up was Airboom to take on Ziggler & Swagger. This match was a little short, I would say so as to build and save for a potential title match at an upcoming PPV. Ziggler & Swagger will need to work on their tag team symmetry so as to build the credibility of the tag titles. Still, I would love to see Vicki's new stable hold all the mid card titles despite the online dirt sheets suggesting Ziggler is about to drop the US title. 6/10

Following the commercial break it Beth's turn to show why she has become the Diva's main draw of late. She was booked to take on Alicia Fox and I say “was”, only because this match was over before it started. I understand WWE will continue to book Beth as a dominant force, its just sad when it comes at the expense of someone like Fox who you know has a lot more to offer than what she's advised to give. Yes, im still hanging for a Lay-cool return too. 5/10

After another slick recap video, this time covering Henry and Big Show's recent history, Show makes his way to the ring. While a little contrived, something you would expect from a top babyface, he did do a good job setting up Henry's ring entrance. Your right Mark, there has been a lot of changes of late. In the end this was a pretty good segment. Still, its hard to see Henry and Big Show feuding for the title while making it something people will want to see. Time will tell of course, but if talk is to have Henry hold the title for quite some time yet (I approve) Show, you gather will only be used to kill time until Orton is back in the title hunt.

Next on the card was Jinder Mahal up against Ezekiel Jackson. This was another short affair but had some high spots. It does worry me though WWE are not investing in their talents mic skills, the new breed are just not getting across with the fans evident by the sheer boredom the crowd are showing for these two rising stars. By the time the bell rung to end the match with Mahal tapping out, that feeling of relief it was over so soon could not be escaped. 3/10

For tonights main event we were treated to a four man tag battle. Christian & Cody Rhodes up against Sheamus & Randy Orton. For me, it was this match that saved the night from an in ring perspective. Strong performances from all four wrestlers. It was no surprise that Orton & Sheamus would take the win with Orton hitting the RKO on Rhodes. What was a pleasant surprise though was the intensity that Sheamus showed, when its all said and done the decision from WWE to turn him face was nothing short of brilliance. A strong match, that while didn’t really build on any history it was strong nonetheless. 8/10

Overall as mentioned it was a pretty strong night. Post events Henry and Show got physical which lead to title match being set up. As I touched on before its hard to see how this feud will sell to the WWE universe. Moving forward its safe to say with two weeks before Vengeance the match card will begin to take shape from here starting Monday on Raw. Where we will be this time next week though will be anyones guess, consdering we may not have a roster come next week. But if I was a betting man and if creative's past history is anything to go by, the end result will be anything other than what we assume.

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Raw Supershow review 10/3/11

Introduction: This Raw included the fall out from Hell In A Cell, fall out from Awesome Truth's invasion, Del Rio beginning his second reign as WWE Champion, and much more.

1) Randy Orton vs Drew Mcintyre

This match was basically a squash. Mcintyre was once this promising superstar, and now he's a jobber. Orton hit another RKO on Drew, to make matters worse. Mark Henry came out, and him and Orton went at it.

Match rate: 1/5

Big Show return promo aired, why? Dear Jesus, WHY?! I enjoyed him being written off TV.

2) Mark Henry vs John Morrison

Another squash match. Funny thing is, it was Morrison's birthday, but he still jobbed, heh. Looks like he's getting the punishment for Melina. Henry gets the win.

Match rate: 1/5

John Laurinaitis segment: Laurinaitis asks Otunga if he had anything to do with Awesome Truth's invasion, but he says he doesn't care. Vickie, who's with the rest of the group, says they're sending the case to the people to see what they think. John then begins to text someone.

"Lawsuit stable" promo: Vickie is in the ring with the rest of the stars. ADR says HHH can't run a company, and Christian says Raw isn't safe with HHH as COO. Rhodes says HHH has a huge ego, and Ziggler says they're taking action into their own hands. Swagger mentions his family, Vickie says she's vulnerable as a woman, and Otunga talks about how he studied law. HHH comes out, and says they should fight, instead of hiding behind lawsuits.

3) Kelly Kelly/Eve vs Beth/Natayla

Another filler match(go figure!). It ends because Kelly Kelly beats the living hell out of Beth Phoenix. Beth/Nattie win by DQ. So, Beth is the new Divas champ, she's a dominant heel, and someone like Kelly Kelly destroys her? Makes sense, not.

Match rate: 1/5

Triple H/John Laurinaitis segment: HHH is seen on the phone, and John comes in. John says he's sorry about Awesome Truth, but that Triple H needs a vote of confidence. HHH grabs him by the collar, telling him to round up the stars, and tell them to go to the ring later on.

4) Jinder Mahal vs Santino Marella

Santino returns from his car accident, and defeats Jinder Mahal in another quick match! Yay! Santino is decent, but his gimmick is killing him. Santino gets the win.

Match rate: 1/5

Brodus Clay promo airs! Yes! Seems like WWE has somethin planned for him.

Michael Cole discusses Awesome Truth's invasion, and a video they posted on Youtube, saying sorry.

5) 12 Man Tag Match – CM Punk & John Cena & Mason Ryan & Sheamus & Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston vs ADR & Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler & Cody Rhodes & Christian & David Otunga

These matches are usually boring, but it was decent. It got the time needed to be decent enough. Punk's team picks up the win(of course), after Sheamus pinned Ziggler.

Match rate: 2.5/5

Triple H's Vote of Confidence:

The refs, Jerry Lawler, and both rosters come out first. HHH, then makes his way out. HHH says the rosters are out to tell him how they think he's doing as COO. He said this job was given to him, and that he didn't ask for it. He says he's angry at Awesome Truth for not taking the punishment, not cause of what they did. He admits that he's old school, and likes battles take place. He says the fans sign the stars' paychecks, and that he works his ass off for the fans.

Wade Barrett says HHH is out of control, and that he doesn't want to be beat down in a parking lot. He says the WWE is not safe, anymore. Mike Chioda says the refs now feel nervous about coming to work, for the first time ever. He also points out HHH did nothing to Ricardo for attacking a ref. Beth Phoenix says something could happen to the women.

King comes in the ring, and says Raw is out of control. He says someone doesn't want HHH running the company, and is sabotaging him, and that everyone is paying the price. Christian says "no confidence", and King walks about. Everyone then begins to walk out, including JR! Even some ring crew workers. John Laurinaitis comes out to heat, then leaves. The crowd chants for HHH.

Conclusion: A very weak show. 4 matches were short, and the 12 man tag was the only decent match, and the one that was given a good amount of time. I'm kind of interested to see what happens with HHH. I think he's going to resign.

Overall rate: 3/10


~ 12 man tag match
~ Vote of Confidence speech
~ Brodus Clay hype


~ Mcintyre jobbing
~ Short matches
~ Big Show hype
~ Santino return
~ Beth Phoenix being destroyed

Tuesday 4 October 2011

WWE Raw Supershow Review, 03/10/2011 - Hell In A Cell Fallout

WWE Raw Super Show Review, 03/10/2011 - Hell In A Cell Fallout

I am anxiously sitting here a few minutes before Raw. Sort of wish NCIS would hurry the hell up. Anyway, What are we to expect tonight. Personally after last night at Hell In A Cell I expect to see John Lauranitis getting fired by Triple H. Also expect to see Miz, Truth and maybe Nash.

As for the afterthought (WWE Championship). I think we will see a Del Rio vs Punk feud as wrestling rumor sites have predicted. What does this mean for Cena? don't know and honestly don't care. Anyway raw is about to kick off.


As raw kicks off we are told that The King is still recovering. What the hell, He was meant to return. He may return later on tonight.

Singles Match
Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre
Orton starts the match in control working McIntyre's legs and arms in typical Orton fashion. They then go outside the ring and Orton throws McIntyre from barricade to barricade. McIntyre then eventually gains control with a big boot but it is short lived when Orton hits his signature DDT followed by an RKO for the three.

This match was average as one would expect. Once again McIntyre gets his ass handed to him which really pisses me off .

Match Rating: 2/5

Post match Orton RKO's McIntyre again. Mark Henry then comes down to the ring and shows off his belt in front of Randy Orton. They start punching into each other as Henry beats down on Orton. But then Johnny Ace and security run down to ringside and separate both men. They break them up but once they do Orton jumps Henry and throws him over the guard rail.

After the break Henry is in the ring and they show a Mark Henry: Hall of Pain package. Pretty decent package to be honest. WWE then promote the return of The Big Show this week on Smackdown.

 Singles Match
Mark Henry vs John Morrison
Henry has control early but Morrison performs some very nice counters followed by some stiff kicks. Morrison then hit Starship Pain but only got the two count. Mark Henry then kicks morrison and then hits The World's Strongest Slam for the three count.

Pretty decent 3 or so minute match. Actually thought Morrison was gonna pick up the win.

Match Rating: 2.5/5

Morrison then receives another World's Strongest Slam after the match. Mark Henry then cuts a promo saying he is done with Orton and sets his sights on The Big show mentioning that Shows return will be the quickest in WWE history as he will put him back on the shelf.

Backstage we see John Lauranitis with all the individuals 'suing' Triple H. We then cut to a break.

After the break we see Cody Rhodes, Christian, Alberto Del Rio, Vickie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio in the ring. Del Rio talks about how he won last night but couldn't celebrate because of the beatdown from The Miz and R-Truth. He suggests Triple H was behind the raising and lowering of the cell as he is the only man with the authority to do this.

Christian then claims that he won't stand for this anymore. Ziggler then claims that they will be taking action into their own hands. Triple H then comes out and compares everyone in the ring to little kids as all they do is complain. Triple H then talks up the 12 man Tag match forgetting to mention Mason Ryan. After this segment Cole mentions that nothing was achieved and no questions were answered. Really pointless segment to promote the 12 Man Tag match.

Kelly Kelly and Eve come out for ANOTHER tag team bout. This is like the fourth week straight. Terrible booking when The Bella's are doing nothing.

Diva's Tag Team Bout
Kelly Kelly and Eve vs Beth Phoenix and Natayla
Beth starts the match off in control as she throws Kelly out the ring but then Kelly goes all brat like and bangs Beth's head against the announce table repeatedly to get the DQ.

Terrible ... Just terrible. Kelly's screaming was so aggravating.

Match Rating: 0/5

Backstage we see John Lauranitis and Trips. John expects an apology from Triple H for shoving him last night. John then suggests Triple H asks the superstars to evaluate his performance as C.O.O. Lauranitis then suggests that he is scared. Triple H then tells Lauranitis that he isn't scared of them, only scared that the man closest to him is undermining him.

We come back to see Jinder Mahal talking jibberish. Santino then comes out and mocks Jinder Mahal. Both men then have a match.

Singles Match
Santino Marella vs Jinder Mahal 
Jinder Mahal has control but goes for a flying knee in the corner as Santino moves out of the way. Santino Marella then hits the cobra for the three count.
Match Rating: 0.5/5

As we comes back from advertisments we see a package promoting Brodus Clay. We then see the ending of Hell In A Cell. Not gonna go into detail as I am sure you are all aware of what occurred. Just wanna say though that there is one bit when trips is mauling Miz where the punches look legit. If they were, Nice work by WWE to make it look more legit.

We then see a Youtube Video of The Miz and R-Truth apologizing to the WWE Universe about what they did but they said they had to get noticed as Triple H never listens to them. They then mention their attorneys applying there will be a lawsuit coming to Triple H or the WWE.

Just wanna say while this video was shown there was a comment under the video which read "Kayfabe Lives!". Got a good kick out of this as this was on WWE TV.

12 Man Tag Team Match
John Cena, CM Punk, Sheamus, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston and Mason Ryan vs Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes, Christian and David Otunga.
Before the match started, Punk come out to the ring wearing his Ice-Cream bar T-Shirt = WIN!!!

The match kicks off with Cena in control as he hits a flapjack on Christian before beating down David Otunga. Mason Ryan and Dolph Ziggler then start to go at it with Ryan throwing Ziggler out of the ring. Del Rio's team then regroups but Ziggler is hit with a devastating Powerslam by Ryan. Really impressive to be honest. Seems like Ryan is gonna go far. Sheamus and Jack Swagger then go at it and Sheamus completely mauls Swagger. Swagger eventually gets on the attack taking out Sheamus' legs. Punk then gets the tag in from Sheamus while Swagger tags in Cody Rhodes. Rhodes has control for awhile beating down on Punk. Punk regains control with a nice leg lariat before hitting his signature Knee and bulldog. A stand off then happens between both teams as Raw cuts to a break.

We come back to see Rhodes hitting a Flash kick on Kofi. Del Rio then takes control of Kofi until Christian tags himself in. Christian hits a nice neck breaker as Cena's team gets distracted. Swagger illegally gets in the match but then tags in Ziggler (Seemed pointless). Rhodes tags himself in and throws Kofi out of the ring.

Team Del Rio, The men suing Triple H
Christian tags in Swagger as swagger quickly tags in Ziggler (once again pointless). Ziggler & Kofi have a mid-air collision which leads to Bourne getting tagged in. Bourne hits the SSP but Vickie helps Swagger get his foot on the rope. Vickie is then sent backstage. As we come back, Del Rio counters the AA into an arm breaker on Cena. Then Del Rio's team gang up on Cena. Cena eventually tags in Sheamus. Sheamus destroys Ziggler but is speared by Christian. Everyone then hits their spots finishing with Sheamus hitting the brogue kick on Ziggler for the three count.

This honestly was a good match for 12 men. Everyone minus Swagger got decent in ring time. Also a solid ending which is rare in these matches.

Match Rating: 3.5/5

The WWE Staff walking out on C.O.O Triple H
Up next is the vote of confidence. The majority of wrestler's and referee's come out to the ring which was pretty cool. Jerry "The King" Lawler then comes out. HHH follows and mentions how difficult his job is. Trips mentions that The WWE Universe is their boss in the end and not him. Wade Barrett speaks on behalf of the roster (???). He talks HHH down saying that it is an unsafe working environment.

Mike Chioda speaks on behalf of the referee's (Never give this guy a mic again please). He says it is unsafe to go to work. In the end everybody including the commentery team, Justin Roberts and sound tech walk out. Even the camera men. John Lauranitis then walks out only to turn his back on Triple H.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

- 12 Man Tag Match
- Little Cena exposure
- Major advancements in the Triple H angle
- Santino Marella return
- Henry/Orton

- Poorly worked Diva's segment
- Lack of Punk
- No Ryder!
- Lack of Alberto Del Rio ... The new WWE Champion
- McIntyre getting squashed
- Jinder Mahal