Saturday, 13 August 2011

Summerslam 2011 - Final card

So the biggest party of the Summer is upon us and its definitely heating up to be one hell of a show. Some may argue that the card lacks with only five announced matches but this gives much more coverage to the announced matches. Especially the two World Championship matches. Also, With several feuds brewing on Raw and Smackdown, There is destined to be at least one match thrown on the card at the last minute. Whether that is a match from Raw like Raw's Money In The Bank holder Alberto Del Rio taking on Kofi Kingston, The Miz vs Rey Mysterio, John Morrison vs R-Truth or WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler vs Alex Riley or a match from Smackdown like the newly crowned WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes taking on Former Champion Ezekiel Jackson. Five matches or ten, Summerslam is heating up to being one hell of a Pay-Per-View.

The four announced matches are as follows:

Undisputed WWE Championship Match
WWE Champion John Cena vs WWE Champion CM Punk
With Special Guest Referee Triple H

The match is being dubbed "One of the biggest matches in WWE History" and rightfully so. On one side we have John Cena who never defeated CM Punk for the WWE Championship after CM Punk walked out of Chicago with the WWE Championship. Since then this feud has escalated to a level in which Triple H has decided to get involved in to make sure a match of such magnitude is called "Unbiasedly". Speculation has arose with the prediction that Triple H will screw Punk out of the win. But speculation is speculation and we will find out what happens sunday. Either way, History will be made come Sunday night.

World Heavyweight Championship Match - No Hold Barred Match
Christian (c) vs Randy Orton

Over the past 5 Months these two men have been feuding on Smackdown over the World Heavyweight Championship. We have watched both men change due to greed, Christian has become the heel we know and love while Randy Orton has become an angry individual destroying everything in his path which makes a No Holds Barred match perfect for Randy Orton. Will this match live up to the No Holds barred match from Summerslam nine years ago between Shawn Michaels and Triple H?

Singles Match
Sheamus vs Mark Henry

Over the last few months we have seen Mark Henry develop into a ruthless man, similar to his Main Event run in 2006. Over the past 2 months he has put Big Show and Kane up on the shelf. Will Sheamus be his next victim or will The Celtic Warrior finally put a stop to Mark Henry's havoc?

Singles Match
Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett
In my opinion, This will be match of the night in regards to wrestling quality. Sure Punk goes around saying he is the best 'Wrestler' in the world. But when it comes to Wrestling you cannot top Daniel Bryan. The guy is the greatest technical wrestler in the United States today and when he is put into a match with Wade Barrett it is almost guaranteed to be epic. Wade Barrett since Money In The Bank has started a little war with Bryan with the focus of the feud being that Daniel Bryan turned on Barrett when Nexus first formed. This has become an interesting storyline on Smackdown throughout the last few weeks and come Summerslam I think the feud will flourish with a great one on one match up which I think we will have a strong mat wrestling focus. Will the holder of Smackdown's Money In The Bank walk out victorious or will Wade Barrett put an end to Bryan's momentum?

WWE Divas Championship Match
Kelly Kelly (c) vs Beth Phoenix

Two weeks ago we saw Beth Phoenix outlast all the WWE Diva's to be announced the 1# Contender for the WWE Diva's Championship. A few moments later, Beth Phoenix attacked Kelly Kelly and informed her that the 'Bimbo days are over'. Is Beth Phoenix right, Can she put an end to Kelly Kelly's Diva's Championship reign or will Kelly Kelly be able to withstand Beth Phoenix and hold on to her Championship?

Card subject to change

All this and so much more come Summerslam this Sunday

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