Friday, 12 August 2011

Welcome to TLP!

Ey Chico's, I'm Sykesy and I am one of the current two admins on this blog. I just thought I'd send out a little greeting to our readers (If there is any).

I have been a wrestling fan for almost 17 years now and everyday I seem to love it more and more. As a kid I idolized the likes of Dino Bravo, Ted Dibiase and The Ultimate Warrior. So yeah, I was a pretty sadistic kid. I grew up throughout the late 90's/ Early 2000's on the wrong side of the attitude era watching Russo work his magic with Jeff Jarrett and the Harris Bros. -.- (For those people who are thinking WTF? I am talking WCW)
 But over time I have gained a great knowledge of the WWF throughout 97-2000. As years have gone on I have gained a great appreciation for the Independent circuit. Yes, DVDs are very hard to come by but to me they are well worth the trouble and money. At the moment I'd say Dragon Gate USA is the top Independent fed out there, Sure PWG and ROH are great but over the years they have been lackluster in comparison to say , 2007. So yeah, I'm a Big WWE fan at the moment and I currently despise Hogan and his little circus. So don't expect TNA reviews from me. I will probably end up reviewing WWE Raw every week plus the occasional old PPV but we will just see how it works out.

So with this blog, Profanity such as F*ck, Sh*t, B*tch, B*stard and Chris Benoit will be kept to a minimal ... at least thats the plan. Anyway, Enjoy The Lateral Press and feel free to comment on whatever you feel the need to.

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