Sunday, 14 August 2011

WWE'12 Video Game Roster!


We have finally come to the time of the year were THQ reveal their video games for the WWE, and we are lucky to be welcomed with a new, innovative approach at video games. Like them or not, THQ have really stepped up this year with there SmackDown series.

Previously known as SmackDown vs. RAW, THQ this year have stepped into a new direction with the WWE series.

Today, THQ revealed the roster for the game at the SummerSlam Axess in L.A. The likes of Randy Orton, The Miz & Jerry Lawler were present, announced by Todd Grisham. This was the first time WWE and THQ held such a conference for a game, with past titles usually being in a room, broadcast as well live on and

Anyway, cut to the chase, here is the roster for WWE 12 (Including TWO new names uncovered hours ago)

Current WWE Superstars:
* Daniel Bryan
* Ted DiBiase
* Mark Henry
* Kofi Kingston
* William Regal
* R-Truth
* Husky Harris
* Tyson Kidd
* Goldust
* Cody Rhodes
* Zack Ryder
* Mason Ryan
* Triple H
* The Miz
* Kane
* Alex Riley
* Rey Mysterio
* Michael McGillicutty
* Yoshi Tatsu
* Big Show
* Justin Gabriel
* Heath Slater
* Dolph Ziggler
* The Undertaker
* Christian
* Drew McIntyre
* Sin Cara
* CM Punk
* Wade Barrett
WWE Divas:
* Torres
* Natalya
* Maryse
* Layla
WWE Legends:
* Arn Anderson
* Ricky Steamboat
* Road Warrior Hawk
* Road Warrior Animal
* Vader
* Kevin Nash
* Smash of Demolition
* Ax of Demolition
* Edge

Also announced was the long awaited 'Create An Arena' mode, Which hasn't been featured in a WWE/F game since the Attitude back on Playstation in 1998.

Be sure to check back here for the next lot of 14 stars yet to be announced by THQ.

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