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Impact Wrestling Review 9/15/11

Introduction: This episode of Impact Wrestling is all the results of No Surrender, and the fallout. Also, Sting and Hogan's feud continues, when Sting takes on Ric Flair. If Sting wins, he gets Hogan, If Flair wins, Sting retires. It'd be cool if they both went away, but meh.

Ric Flair/Sting promo: Flair demands that Sting come out to the ring. Flair says Sting will get to Hogan over his dead body, and Sting says that well, Flair dies tonight. Sting wants to battle Flair right there and then, but security prevents anything from happening.

Jeff Hardy segment: Hardy says it's good to be back. Jeff says he needs to prove himself to the boys in Orlando, and that tonight will be the second step of his return.

1.) 8 Person Mixed Tag Match: Devon/Dinero/Tessmacher/Tara vs Mexican America

This was boring, and thrown together. Seriously, 8 person mixed tag? Anyways... Devon, Dinero, Tessmacher, and Tara pick up the victory.

Match Rate: 1/5

Karen Jarrett/Knockouts segment: Karen orders Traci to bring the Knockouts to her. Traci says she hates Karen, while Karen tells Traci to cover her tits(no thank you, the way she dresses is fine!). Karen tells Mickie when the Knockouts arrive that she isn't getting a rematch. Karen says 3 Queen's Qualifier matches will take place over the next few weeks, with the winners facing Winter in a fatal 4 way for the title at BFG. Velvet Sky vs Angelina Love is the first one, and will take place later on. Madison Rayne is back, and sucks up to Karen. Rayne hasn't been seen since August 11th.

Fortune promo: AJ Styles welcomes Robert Roode. Styles says he admires what Roode did at No Surrender, and says he deserves this chance. Daniels says that Roode winning is just as big as when he beat Styles. Kaz says Fortune is a family, and James Storm says that Roode will win, and that they've fought hard together. Kurt Angle comes out and says Fortune is jealous of Roode. Angle says Roode will take on his Fortune friends over the next few weeks, with Kaz being the first tonight. Backstage, Bischoff tells Angle that Hogan likes the idea.

2.) Queen's Qualifier Match: Velvet Sky vs Angelina Love

This was boring, and short. I guess it was alright, but Sky is not a good in-ring worker. Winter accidently hits Angelina with the title, and the ref clearly sees it. Sky advances to the fatal 4 way at BFG.

Match Rate: 1.5/5

AJ Styles/Jeff Hardy segment: Jeff walks into AJ's locker room. Styles tells Jeff he's been busting his ass off for TNA, and that Jeff almost made all of that end at Victory Road, because he decided to do drugs, or whatever. Styles says Jeff is selfish, and says he does this for his family. Styles says he doesn't want Jeff near him. True words spoken here.

Flair/Hogan segment: Flair says Sting ends tonight, as Hogan arrives. Hogan says he has a plan b, but Sting shows up. Sting says he's going to take out both Flair and Hogan.

Crimson via satellite: Crimson says he had the BFG Series won, until Samoa Joe attacked him. Crimson says he thought it was done at Slammiversary. Crimson announces his return, and it will be in 2 weeks, September 29.

3.) Submission Match: Samoa Joe vs Matt Morgan

This match was just okay. Samoa Joe picks up the victory. I'm glad that Joe got the win.

Match Rate: 2/5

Angle/Kaz segment: Angle says he'll need a new contender after Roode. Kurt says Kaz knows he's the best in Fortune, and to take a chance for a title shot. Kaz refuses.

Devon/Jeff Hardy segment: Devon says Jeff Hardy needs to get it together. Devon says he'll stick by Jeff, but that Hardy almost ruined their 12 year friendship for what he did at Victory Road. Devon says he'll be there for Jeff.

4.) Robert Roode vs Kaz

Good match! It was decent paced, and great showing of technical ability. Roode is getting over on his own, and I'm glad Kaz is back on TV. Roode gets the win.

Matc Rate: 3/5

Kaz/Roode segment: Kaz says him and Roode are brothers. Kaz says he's ready, and that they'll do it again. Roode says he's ready for BFG.

Austin Aries segment: Aries says the X Division is now the A Double Division. Aries says his first titlt defense is next week.

Bully Ray/Jerry Lynn segment: Bully Ray says he hates Anderson, and that he's going to take care of him. Jerry Lynn says he's going to kick RVD's brains in, to give him a taste of what will happen at BFG(again?!). Lynn/Ray vs RVD/Anderson for next week.

5.) If Sting wins, he faces Hogan at BFG, If Flair wins, Sting retires: Sting vs Ric Flair

Must I explain? But, anyways, terrible match. I have no idea why this match even happened. I expected this, though. Immortal gets involved, but Anderson prevented anything from happening. Sting gets the win, and faces Hogan at BFG.

Match Rate: 1/5

Conclusion: This Impact was crap, except for Robert Roode vs Kaz. BFG is supposed to be the biggest event for TNA, and the show is getting no build up at all. I hope it gets better in the coming weeks.

Overall Rate: 3/10


~Fortune promo
~Roode vs Kaz
~Queen's qualifier concept
~AJ Styles/Jeff Hardy segment


~Sting vs Hogan at BFG
~Sting vs Flair
~Karen Jarrett as Knockout Law
~No X Division matches
~Sting/Flair promo
~Bully Ray vs Mr. Anderson, Jerry Lynn vs RVD feuds

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