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Impact Wrestling Review 9/8/11

Introduction: TNA was shown from Huntsville, Alabama. This is the second of the two tapings they did back on August 25th. Go home show for No Surrender, and build-up. Jeff Hardy also makes his return, and is given a live mic to cut a "shoot promo".

The show begins with a Jeff Hardy return hype package, and going back to Angle's match vs Sting last week for the World Title, showing Anderson making the save for Sting from his attack by Immortal.

Opening promo: Mr. Anderson comes out to the ring, and cuts a face promo. I like his promo work better as a face, anyways. Anderson says he's been a quiet man lately. He says joining Immortal was a business decision, and says Bully Ray is scum. Anderson says he'll use his re-match clause tonight vs Kurt Angle. Sting comes out, saying Immortal wanted him out, but that he's still standing here. Sting announces the network has named him the special enforcer for the World Title match.

1.) #1 Contender's Match for a Tag Titles shot: The British Invasion vs Pope/Devon

Un-eventful, boring match. Pope/Devon are now getting along? Their storyline is atrocious. The British Invasion are really being wasted, and should have won this match. However, Pope/Devon get the win, and will get their shot at No Surrender.

Match Rate: 2/5

BFG Series promo: Bully Ray, Gunner, and Beer Money are in the ring. Bully Ray says Beer Money is a great team, but that they will fall apart cause they want this World Title shot so badly. Bully Ray says he's going to get the title shot at Bound For Glory. Robert Roode says Beer Money will never be broken, and that they'll be there for eachother when the other wins the title. Roode says it's everyone's dream to become a World Champion. All four stare down to end the segment.

2.) TV Championship: Eric Young(c) vs Robbie E

Another boring match. Eric Young retained the title, but gets attacked by Rob Terry after the match. This signifies Terry accepting Robbie's offer to be his bouncer. Eddie Alvaraz was on commentary!

Match Rate: 1.5/5

RVD/Jerry Lynn segment: RVD tells Jerry Lynn that he screwed him out of the BFG Series. Jerry Lynn says he's better than RVD, but that TNA management never realized that. RVD guts Lynn to end the segment.

Mickie James/Velvet Sky segment: Sky says it's good that Mickie is champ again, and holds the title. Mickie says Velvet will be champ someday. Karen Jarrett comes in, and says she's granted Winter's re-match for No Surrender, and tells Velvet to lose weight.

3.) World Championship: Kurt Angle(c) vs Mr. Anderson with Sting as the special enforcer

Good match. However, JB said it was the main event, but it didn't come that way on air. I guess TNA bumped it up due to time constraints. Anderson wins by DQ, when Immortal runs in, and attacks Anderson and Sting.

Match Rate: 3.5/5

Immortal segment: Immortal is throwing a party, but Bischoff tells them to take it outside, cause he has a phone call. EB says "Is this a prank phone call?" and the segment ends. I'm guessing it's not good news.

4.) Mickie James/Velvet Sky vs Winter/Angelina Love

I LOVE Velvet's entrance! Anyways, this was a decent match, even though Sky isn't that good, the rest certainly are, though. Winter spits blood in Mickie's eyes to get the victory.

Match Rate: 3/5

Brian Kendrick/Austin Aries promo: This was a decent promo, nice build for No Surrender. Aries says Kendrick doesn't practice what he preaches, and that he'll be the next X-Division Champ. Kendrick comes out in a suit, and says he's changed his ways. Kendrick then rips off the suit, and says he hates the everyday life of a working man. Aries says Kendrick is a fake, Kendrick attacks him, and Aries makes a run for it.

Hogan/Bischoff segment: Hogan comes in the room saying they've got ridden of Sting and Anderson and that they're no longer a problem. Bischoff says his phone call was the network saying as a result of what Immortal did, Angle will defend the World Title against Sting and Anderson at No Surrender.

5.) 4 Corners Tornado: Bully Ray vs Gunner vs James Storm vs Robert Roode

This was a decent match, with good spots. Gunner stole the win, by hitting a running knee on Bully Ray, and pinning him. I think Gunner might be going face. IMO, he deserves to win the entire BFG Series.

Match Rate: 3/5

Jeff Hardy promo: Jeff Hardy comes out to the ring to his "Modest" theme. He receives a warm welcome from the crowd, but he says he doesn't deserve it. He says he hit rock bottom at Victory Road, and that he was pathetic at the PPV. He says he let everyone down, including himself. Hardy says he can't expect everyone to forgive him, and the crowd chants "one more shot", and he ends it by saying "all I can do is ask".

Conclusion: This episode wasn't as good as last week's. I feel that No Surrender has weak build. Also, Matt Morgan and Samoa Joe weren't seen at all to build their match, and no follow-up to Daniels turning on Styles? The two opening matches sucked, but came back with 3 solid matches. As for Jeff Hardy, he gets nothing from me. He can take "one more shot" and stick it up his rear. I'm done with Jeff Hardy.

Overall Rate: 5/10


~ Gunner going over
~ Kendrick and Aries promo
~ Angle vs Anderson
~ BFG Series promo


~ Hardy return
~ thrown together PPV main event
~ Pope/Devon going over
~ Terry alligns with Robbie E
~ RVD and Jerry Lynn feud

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