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TNA No Surrender Review 9/11/11

Introduction: All the TNA stars are lined up on the stage for a moment of silence. Jesse Neal was in his sailor uniform. Rosita had spotlight cause she lost her dad on 9/11/01. America the beautiful was played. Nice opening to the PPV. We then head to a video package highlighting No Surrender's main focuses.

1.) #1 Contender's Match for an X-Division title shot: Kid Kash vs Jesse Sorenson

Decent match. Kash is good, and Sorenson is impressive. Good spots, but there was some taunting, that ruined the match. Overall, decent start to the PPV with this match. Sorenson wins to receive an X-Division title shot.

Match Rate: 2.5/5

Angle Interview: JB interviews Angle. Angle says it's unfair how his he found out just on Impact that he has to defend his title. Hogan tells him to get ready for his match.

2.) BFG Series Semi-Final: Bully Ray vs James Storm

Storm needed a submission victory to advance. Eh, this match was alright. It was boring, though. Storm made Ray tap, but gets DQ'd cause Storm spit beer in Ray's face. Bully Ray advances to the BFG Series Finals.

Match Rate: 2/5

3.) Knockouts Championship: Mickie James(c) vs Winter

This was a decent match. Winter spit blood on Angelina Love by mistake, but spit it on Mickie James to pick up the victory, and to win the Knockouts Title, AGAIN. Why did they make her drop it, then? Mickie just won it back! TNA needs to stop playing hot potato with its titles.

Match Rate: 2/5

Gunner Interview: JB tells Gunner that Bully Ray is the new points leader. Gunner says he's going to get the win against Roode. Bully Ray comes in, and tells Gunner to get business done.

4.) Tag Team Championship: Mexican America(c) vs Pope/Devon

This was a boring match. Not much was done, and Mexican America retain the Tag Titles.

Match Rate: 1.5/5

Mr. Anderson Interview: Mr. Anderson says him and Sting don't like eachother but they have a common bond in hating Immortal. He says he'll leave as TNA World Champion.

5.) Matt Morgan vs Samoa Joe

Another boring match! Morgan isn't anything special, and Joe is good, but still, only so much he can do. I thought Joe was getting pushed.. I guess not. Matt Morgan picks up the win.

Match Rate: 1.5/5

Beer Money Interview: Robert Roode says he's going to beat Gunner, and beat Bully Ray's ass later on. Storm said he was hoping it'd be him vs Roode, but that won't happen now. Roode says he's been waiting for this for 13 years.

6.) BFG Series Semi-Final: Gunner vs Robert Roode

What a match! Very competitive, and good. Roode needed the submission victory, and he got it. Eric Bischoff comes out after the match to say the winner of the entire BFG Series will be determined later tonight.

Match Rate: 3.5/5

Aries Interview: Austin Aries says Brian Kendrick needs to stop with all his crap. Aries says TNA is Total Nonstop Aries, and that he'll become the next X-Division Champion, and last(what the hell?).

7.) X-Division Championship: Brian Kendrick(c) vs Austin Aries

Very good match. Entertaining, crowd was into it, nice spots here and there. I enjoyed Kendrick's push, hopefully he remains on TV. Aries gets the win, and becomes the NEW X-Division champ. Who didn't see this coming? TNA is overpushing him.

Match Rate: 3.5

Bully Ray Interview: Bully Ray says he couldn't count on Gunner to get the job done. Bully Ray says BFG is in Philly, and his chances of winning are pretty good. He says he's the next World Heavyweight Champion.

8.) BFG Series Final: Bully Ray vs Robert Roode

This match was decent, but mostly thanks to Roode. Ray is just a good mic worker. Lots of near falls, and Roode wins, to earn a World Title match at Bound For Glory. I hope Beer Money sticks around, but Roode is getting his main event push. Let's hope he gets it done. He celebrated with the fans after the victory.

Match Rate: 3/5

Rosita Interview: JB says they'd like to take time out of the PPV to acknowledge those who lost loved ones on 9/11. Rosita is with JB, and does this interview totally out of character. She says she lost her dad on 9/11, and that she's cried countless times during the ceremony, and that it's hard waking up to know her dad isn't around. She says her dad taught her how to do a headlock, and that he was an amateur wrestler. Rosita thanks everyone for the support.

9.) TNA World Heavweight Championship: Kurt Angle(c) vs Sting vs Mr. Anderson

This match had no hype at all. This was boring, but decent. It could have been a lot better, if you ask me. Hogan gets involved(shocker, right?) and sprays something in Sting's eyes, to help Angle retain the title. Whatever.

Match Rate: 2.5/5

Conclusion: This PPV suffered from little build-up, but overall, it was decent. Some good matches, some boring, but not anything bad. The tribute for 9/11 was well done, and I respect TNA for doing so.

Overall Rate: 6/10


~Aries winning the X-Division title
~ Roode winning the BFG Series
~ 9/11 Tribute
~ Gunner vs Robert Roode
~ Sorenson going over


~ Mexican America going over
~ Poor main event
~ Matt Morgan going over
~ Winter vs Mickie James feud

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