Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Why Triple H vs CM Punk is way too early

WWE have been riding the CM Punk wave for awhile now, Actually it is more of a Tsunami which has got ALOT of people interested in the WWE Product once again after a lengthy absence and has dominated the 'WWE Universe'. The remarkable thing about this whole CM Punk storyline whether it is his worked shoot or his feud with Cena/Lauranitis/Nash/Mr. McMahon/Triple H/Stephanie etc. is that it HASN'T got boring. Now as much as I love WWE, How often can we really say that. For example, In April I was pumped for Christian vs Orton. Two months later I wanted to rip my eyes out no matter how great the matches are. But CM Punk has a charisma which we have not seen in a long time and that is why we are all hooked and WWE should have been developing this storyline for the long haul. Maybe finishing it around Survivor Series or TLC. Now I am not saying this isn't going to happen, I am just dissapointed in the booking process judging from Raw this week.

In the final twenty or so seconds of Raw we saw The C.O.O ( or as I tend to refer to him as "The Coo") Triple H announce that he will now face CM Punk. Initially you're are marking out but then you realize that Punk vs Nash isn't going to happen which we have been waiting for since Summerslam. I understand that Nash is shocking in the ring now, But the idea is what intrigued myself and others. Now WWE has thrown a curve ball in the mix and put Triple H against Punk which firstly doesn't make much sense. Yes, I know Punk has been mocking Triple H and Stephanie for weeks now but isn't Hunter meant to be 'Neutral'? Obviously he is going to have slight favor to a pal like Kevin Nash, That is obvious. But to straight away go into a match against CM Punk when this feud has been going for like three weeks? To me that is stupid booking. It just kills something which has got people hooked. Now, I am aware of the reasoning behind it with the fact that Nash was not cleared to wrestle which is understandable but why schedule this match when it could occur at Survivor Series? That is what I don't understand. Why not put Punk into a triple threat with Del Rio and Cena and get Nash to screw Punk out of the championship once again? It furthers the feud and doesn't advance it way to quickly like they are doing at the moment.

Am I excited for Triple H vs Punk? Of course I am and I personally think the match will be great, Perhaps better then Punk vs Cena as Triple H is a far superior in ring worker then Cena but it just doesn't add up. When you have Kevin Nash who is really hot right now instantly being yanked from a match that everybody wants to see (Mainly just to see Punk whoop Nash's ass which won't happen anyway). But this idea that everyone had is now from the looks of things not gonna happen for awhile (Maybe Hell In A Cell) and that is the risk of making this feud stale. This feud is fresh but by Hell In A Cell or Vengeance is may be flat like Orton/Christian. I doubt it but I would have doubted Christian vs Orton also.

So I don't know. I strongly hope WWE proves me wrong (They have been for the good part of the year) and Triple H vs Punk is for the better but from where I am sitting I am very doubtful as Nash to an extent now seems irrelevant to this feud and is like a third wheel.

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