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Impact Wrestling review 9/29/11

Introduction: On this edition of Impact Wrestling, Robert Roode took on AJ Styles, and Hulk Hogan made his blockbuster announcement! Also, the road to BFG continues.

Opening promo: Sting comes out to the ring, and says he once believed everything Kurt Angle said. He says Angle is trying to turn Fortune against eachother. Sting says Angle's plan will backfire. Sting calls out Robert Roode, and he says he's proud of him. Sting knows Roode can beat Angle. Roode says he has a huge opportunity lying in front of him at BFG, and calls Sting the man. AJ Styles comes out and tells Roode to make the best out of this opportunity. Angle comes out, and says he's a man of his word, and if Styles can beat Roode, he'll get a title shot after BFG.

Decent promo, but too many people came out for it. Keep it simple.

1) X-Division Ladder match, winner gets a title shot vs Aries at Bound For Glory: Alex Shelley vs Zema Ion vs Brian Kendrick vs Kid Kash vs Jesse Sorenson

Great opening match. Decent ladder spots, followed with good wrestling. Kid Kash did really good in this match, but Brian Kendrick picked up the win. Austin Aries was on commentary.

Match rate: 3/5

Kaz segment: Kaz says Styles and Daniels keep fighting, and that Roode vs Styles is going to be a huge match. Karen Jarrett walks in with Jeff Jarrett, and they want Kaz out in the ring.

Ric Flair segment: Flair is seen outside the Impact Zone, and says he wants to be a part of a decision, and says he's coming in.

Why is Flair still on TV? Keep him off while he's healing from injury.

Jeff Jarrett/Kaz promo: Jeff, and Karen come out, and call Kaz out, and tell him to bring Traci. Jeff says he picked Kaz to come to TNA, and re-hired Kaz various times. Jeff calls Traci a skank. TNA agents come out to prevent anything. Kaz attacks Jeff, Karen and Traci go at it, and Gunner lays out Kaz to end the segment.

It's sad that Kaz has been reduced to this, yikes.

Mexican America/Ink Inc segment: Jesse Neal vs Hernandez was scheduled, but in a place where "wrestling matters", it doesn't take place! Mexican America attacks Ink Inc, and spraypaint their backs. LWO much?

Bully Ray segment: Bully Ray is asked if he knows what Hogan's announcement is, and Ray says Hogan called him first. Bully tells him to get out of his face.

James Storm segment: Storm says a part of him will be with Roode at Bound For Glory, and that Roode will show everyone that it pays to be Roode.

Ric Flair/Hulk Hogan segment: Flair says Hogan is going to do is unacceptable. Flair says Hogan can't do this, and that it's not a good decision. Flair says Hulk has time to change his mind.

2) Queen's Qualifier: Tara vs Madison Rayne

This was short, and boring. Rayne kept hitting on the ref, and just a bunch of stuff that should have been left out. Madison Rayne fills the last slot in the Knockout's title match at BFG.

Match rate: 2/5

Daniels segment: Daniels is asked if he'll face Styles at BFG, and Daniels says to beat AJ again, would be a "kick in the nuts", pun intended.

Crimson returns: Crimson calls out Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe says Crimson should be lucky he let him walk. Joe says if Crimson isn't in TNA, who else will be his bitch? Crimson spears Joe, but Joe attacks the ankle again, until Matt Morgan made the save.

The return could have been better, but nice feud, though.

AJ Styles segment: Styles says we'll see if Roode has what it takes, and that he won't cut him any slack.

3) Mr. Anderson vs D'angelo Dinero

Not a bad match, but not good. Devon came out, Devon's sons got involved, and it was just a mess. Bully Ray struck Anderson with a kendo stick, and Dinero gets the win.

Match rate: 2/5

Robert Roode segment: He says Styles will bring his best, and says if he can beat Styles, he can beat Angle.

Devon/Dinero segment: Devon screams at Dinero, for allowing his sons to get involved. Devon tells Dinero to handle things, and to not let it happen again.

This storyline is beyond stupid, and kids have no place in wrestling.

4) Robert Roode vs AJ Styles

Awesome match. Great efforts by both guys, and a lot of "on the edge" moments where the match could have gone either way. Very good main event. The match got very good time, too.

Match rate: 3.5/5

Robert Roode/AJ Styles segment: AJ calls Roode the man, and that he's the man. Roode asks AJ if he brought his best, and Styles says yes. Styles says once Roode wins the belt, to give him a shot.

Good following to the match.

Hulk Hogan's announcement: Hogan says he's done some soul searching. Hogan says it's all about the run you have, and how much fun you're having. Hulk talks about facing Andre The Giant(as always?) in front of 94,000 people. *Sting is shown watching from the back* Hulk says he had the chance to come to Impact Wrestling. He puts over talent such as Styles, Kaz, Daniels, Roode, Jeff Hardy etc, and that he gave them advice. Hogan says this is the end of the road, and through his family and health problems, and that he never lost the fans. Hogan says he's retiring, and that he invites everyone to come to Knoxville next week to see him in the ring for the last time.

Sting says he'll be there to celebrate.

Conclusion: Another weak show. Some BFG feuds were left out, and Jeff Hardy's attempt to get respect back was left out, as well. Some good matches, and there was too much talking. Also, though Hogan's promo was good, it's also a bunch of bullshit, he's not retiring.

Overall rate: 3/10


~ X-Division ladder match
~ Crimson's return
- Roode vs AJ Styles


~ Kaz's burial
~ Dinero/Devon storyline
~ Madison Rayne going over
~ Weak build to feuds
~ Hogan's promo

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