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Raw Supershow review 9/26/11

Introduction: This was the go home Raw Supershow for Hell In A Cell this Sunday. The following to Awesome Truth's firing is covered too.

For reader's notice: I haven't reviewed Raw before, so stay with me, cause this is a trial to see if I can review Raw on a weekly basis.

Opening promo: COO Triple H comes out to the ring, and explains why he fired Awesome Truth, mainly cause they attacked an official. He fines Mark Henry $250,000 for attacking Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. Vickie/Ziggler come out, and Ziggler asks what HHH can do for him, and that he was punched by Hugh Jackman. Cody Rhodes comes out, asking why Orton wasn't fined for his brutal attack on him. Christian comes out, talks about Sheamus, and HHH says it was a lumberjack match, so the point is to throw someone back in the ring. HHH announces Christian vs Sheamus at HIAC, Christian vs Orton on SD, and Christian vs Cena on Raw. He announces Ziggler vs Ryder for the U.S. title, and that Rhodes will defend the IC title in a battle royal.

Decent opening promo.

1) Battle royal for the Intercontinental Championship:

This was short, and just like any other battle royal. Punches, kicks, throw the guy over the rope. Christian screwed Sheamus out of winning the battle royal, and Rhodes retains.

Match rate: 1/5

Otunga/Johnny Ace segment: Otunga says something has to be done about HHH. Johnny says Otunga has a law degree, and that he could help file a lawsuit, but Ace says he'll use his power to do something about HHH.

2) Kelly Kelly/Eve vs Beth Phoenix/Natayla:

Just like any other Divas match, short, and nothing special. Beth Phoenix pins Kelly Kelly, gaining momentum heading into HIAC.

Match rate: 1/5

Mark Henry attacks The Great Khali:

They were scheduled to have a match, but it didn't work that way, as Henry laid Khali out with the World's Strongest Slam. Henry says if he's fined, everyone will pay.

Cena promo: John Cena comes out to the ring before his match with Christian, and says the WWE title is surrounded by controversy, and explains Punk at MITB, and Del Rio cashing in MITB at Summerslam. Cena says that ends Sunday. Del Rio/CM Punk come out for commentary.

3) Christian vs John Cena

This was another short match, but it was just okay. Cena wins by DQ when Del Rio kicks him in the head, then CM Punk goes after Del Rio, but Del Rio heads up the stage, saying destiny will prevail at HIAC.

Match rate: 2/5

4) U.S. Championship: Dolph Ziggler(c) vs Zack Ryder

Another short match.. seriously? Ziggler picks up the win after Swagger/Vickie help Dolph retain.

Match rate: 1/5

After the match, Ziggler/Swagger attacked Ryder, but Air Boom made the save. Teddy Long announces a 3 on 2 tag match, unless Vickie finds a partner.

5) Air Boom/Ryder vs Swagger/Ziggler/Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan didn't come out until later in the match, but he would attack Ziggler/Swagger, leading to Ryder pinning Ziggler. Alright match, but whoever booked Mason's face turn is an idiot.

Match rate: 2/5

Otunga/Raw stars segment:

Otunga is seen with Ziggler, Vickie, Cody Rhodes, and Christian backstage. Otunga talks about unsafe conditions in WWE, and that a lawsuit might be filed. All the stars agree with Otunga.

6) Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk

Really good main event! Cena provided commentary. It got the time it needed, and was a good lead in going into HIAC. CM Punk picked up the win. The HIAC lowers down after the match, and Punk/Cena/Del Rio go at it, but Del Rio lays them both out with a chair.

Match rate: 3/5

Conclusion: Weak show, heading into a PPV that was already looking dull cause it only has two weeks of hype. The matches weren't special, besides the main event. Also, the lawsuit storyline is stupid.

Overall rate: 4/10


~ Rhodes retaining
~ Ziggler retaining
~ Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk


~ Short matches
~ Lawsuit storyline
~ HHH tossing random fines out
~ Mason Ryan face turn

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