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WWE Raw 08/15/2011 Review - Fallout of Summerslam

WWE Raw Review

We are only 10 minutes away from a much anticipated episode of Raw and I cannot wait. To me this episode of Raw should be memorable. What are we going to witness? There are so many possible avenues WWE could go down after what we saw at Summerslam.

In case you missed it, CM Punk defeated John Cena to be crowned the new Undisputed WWE Champion. As Triple H counted the pinfall though John Cena's left foot was on the rope. As if this wasn't enough, As CM Punk was celebrating Kevin Nash jumped the barrier and Jackknife powerbombed CM Punk before leaving. Then Alberto Del Rio came in and cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase to be crowned the new Undisputed WWE Champion. So yeah, What the hell is going to occur on Raw? beats me.

To me the possible avenues they could go down would be that Triple H was behind Nash attacking Punk, Nash had his own agenda, Del Rio was behind it (Which I strongly doubt as it would make no sense) or Stephanie McMahon was behind it. Hell maybe even X-Pac may show up ... xP. Anyway now to the raw review.


The show starts off with a nice little package of what happened at the end of Summerslam which I recapped earlier in this blog post.

Triple H kicks off the show with a great ovation. He mentions that he made the wrong call in the match earlier in the night and also brings up that he had nothing to do with Nash attacking Punk. He then states that he has invited Nash to Raw to speak about his actions and Nash will be there if he can speak the complete truth. Alberto Del Rio then comes out to the ring without one of his cars which I found quite interesting. Alberto for some reason starts his promo very face like but quickly starts talking about how he will beat Rey Mysterio later tonight. This draws huge heat from the fans. Alberto convinced me he was going face for a tiny bit there so all in all, A nice promo by Alberto Del Rio.

During the promo I noticed that Alberto Del Rio had no nameplate on his Championship. Not to spoil anything but perhaps Rey may walk out of San Diego with the Championship. I hope not though, The Championship is becoming a bar of soap which is disappointing.

Before the ad break, We saw the COO Triple H walk into Cena's locker room for his face to face apology. But the door closed in front of the camera.

After the ad break R-Truth comes out with a new entrance theme. Its his old "Whats Up" one but states "the Truth has set me free". Justin Roberts then announces that the match is a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: John Morrison vs R-Truth

The match starts off great with some great spots by Morrison. Especially the flash kick of the guard rail. After several near falls by Morrison, R-Truth took control with his front Vertical suplex on the outside. After the ad break the match went briefly into the crowd. After awhile Morrison regained control with a Vertical suplex on a computer chair and then a stiff knee to Truth for the 3 count on the outside.
Rating: 4/5. 
For Raw this match was great. Several great spots and a very solid finish. Really got Morrison over as he has had a dry streak for awhile.

Before the ad break the show Punk arriving to the arena.

The show comes back on air as Miz makes his way down to the ring for a promo. It was a rubbish promo where Miz had some words for Jared from Subway who strangely enough was holding a sub. Miz cut a promo for the new sub before eating it. Really WWE? ... Really? Great use of one of the best guys on your roster *Sigh*.

After this load of crap we see Nash get out of a Black limousine before we cut to advertisements. While the ads are playing, Just wanna state how terrible American advertisements. They are all fast Food related and boring as hell. During this break I have seen an add for Taco Bell, Subway, K-Mart and now Elephants (Which strangely enough is about customer service).

Diva's Tag Team Match: Kelly Kelly & Eve vs The Bella Twins
Not a bad match for a Diva's contest. Kelly sold her leg throughout the match pretty well. There isn't much to talk about but in the end Eve got the victory with a moonsault. Eve and Kelly celebrated their victory as Beth Phoenix and Natayla came out and just stared them down from the entrance ramp.
Rating: 2/5. 
It was good for a Diva's match but still no Molly Holly Vs Trish Stratus sort of quality.

Kevin Nash comes out with no music (Stealing R-Truths theme :@) and gets a solid ovation. Nash mentions how much of a great friend Triple H is. He then claims that Triple H told Nash to take out the winner of the match. Punk comes out to a great ovation and a great promo with Nash. Sure Nash seemed like he had been drinking at times but it was typical punk quality. Punk goes to confront Nash but is stopped by security. Punk then states that all Security is protecting Nash which means nobody is protecting Triple H so he is going to go and confront HHH. This to me was a great promo, Even though Punk was getting Nash over. I honestly have no idea where Raw is headed. So confusing right now which is great to see.

 We see Nash talking to John Lauranitis. You can see that John is also against Punk as he talks about what happened last night. John and Nash then head to his office to talk.

Singles Match: Alex Riley vs Jack Swagger
Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero are on commentary and seem to be bitching with each other. Quite amusing to be honest. The match wasn't anything special at all and the ending was Vickie getting involved with Black Ref and JR's hat. You have to see it to understand it but it is definitely worse then it sounds. This lead to a distraction by Riley and Swagger hitting the gut-wrench power bomb on his third attempt. The commentary had a stronger focus then the actual match. It was a really pointless spot on the show to be honest.

Rating: 3/5. 

 We see a segment between Vickie and Jack Swagger. Jack Swagger mentions that great managers such as Bobby Heenan and "Classie" Freddie Blassie have Managed more then just when wrestlers. He then suggests that Vickie should manage him. This will probably lead to a Ziggler/ Swagger feud which would be pretty great. Vickie didn't agree to be Swagger's manager yet though.

After this we see Punk walk out of Triple H's locker room to see Stephanie. Just states that she is sorry how Punk lost his Championship but says that people always get what they deserve in typical evil Stephanie McMahon fashion. WWE are pointing the finger towards Steph from what I can tell with the whole Nash thing but it just seems to simple to me. No appearance from Cena so far as well which is really interesting.

Tag Team Match: Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne vs David Otunga & Michael McGuillicutty
This was a good match. Kofi and Bourne are great as a tag team if they stick together. The match had the ending of Airbourne on Otunga for the victory. over all though it was a nice paced match.
Rating: 3.5/5

While there is an ad break on at the moment, I just wanna say that 90% of tonight has been face Cole on commentary which has been great. JR, King and Cole have all got along which is nice for a change. Also during the Tag Team match, Cole mentioned that Michaels tweeted the following:

"He got a text!! Dang, everything is technology now. I'm gonna text me a beat down too somebody at RAW!!". 
 This I found VERY interesting. KLIQ reunion?

Undisputed WWE Championship Match: Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio
There is still no nameplate on the Championship as Del Rio comes out in a Ferrari F430. Rey follows coming out to a huge reception from his hometown.
The match starts of great with Rey in control doing some great high flying sort of Rey stuff. The match comes back from air with Del Rio in control trying to unmask Rey, Throughout the match control kept changing. At one point Rey hit a beautiful moonsault on Del Rio on the outside.In the end Del Rio countered Rey's splash with his knee's and then covered Rey for the 3

Rating: 4/5.
A very good match and I was really convinced Rey was going to win after the 619.
After Del Rio won he attacked Rey and Cena came to Rey's aid. Cena spoke about how Del Rio is a target and he has disgraced the WWE Championship. So it looks like it'll be Cena vs Del Rio at NOC!

- WWE showed the could run a great show without Cena every 5 minutes.
- Cole face Commentery
- Solid matches
- Advancement in the whole Nash/HHH/ Johnny Ace/ CM Punk/ Steph McMahon fiasco.

- The show could have definitely ended better. With more focus on the bigger Raw storyline at the moment.
-  Kevin Nash. He was good but really needs to brush up on his promo skills.

All in all, Another great Raw. WWE has stepped up over the last few months and has kept me hooked which is great.
So this weeks Raw rating:
4/5 Stars

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