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WWE Unforgiven 2008 DVD Review

Alot of you are probably thinking WTF, Considering the first DVD review is Unforgiven 2008. Well let me explain why as I assume you were expecting something like Survivor Series 2002 or Wrestlemania X-7.

From late 07 onwards I stopped watching WWE. I started again in January 2010. My reasoning was simply that the product was utter shit. Poor booking, Orton vs Cena & Edge Vs Triple H at every PPV can only go so far. I was just tired of the same old rubbish. Sure a few things I checked out like Jericho's return, Legacy, CM Punk cashing in Money In The Bank (Twice). But the product was just flat so I tuned into TNA every week instead where I say Jim Cornette instead of Mike Adamle and Abraham Washington. At the time, It was a better option.

Now over the last few months I have been on a quest to feel the void of which I missed. By buying all the 07-09 PPVs. I am pretty much there and have watched at least 80% of them and for certain reasons Unforgiven 2008 stood out. I don't know if I was in a good mood at the time but I was intrigued for the 2 hours and 50 minutes. From start to finish which is very rare, Especially in 2008. So let's get this thing started shall we ...

ECW Championship Scramble Match
Mark Henry (c) vs Matt Hardy vs Finlay vs The Miz vs Chavo Guerrero

This match was great for an ECW match with five individuals. The roster was pretty thin at the time, especially with five guys wrestling for the championship but overall the match delivered. I did feel however that the Champion Mark Henry took away from the match. Obviously his speed slowed it down but once he got a pinfall, Nobody pinned him for a good 5 minutes which made the match a bit dull. Overall though, A great match for a very young Miz and Matt Hardy. Hardy back then was great and really was the highlight of the match. Sure he was on the chubby side at the time also, but he just looked great in the ring. Maybe because he was up against Henry but either way I enjoyed this 20 minute scramble.

In the end, Matt Hardy scored the victory by pinning the Miz after a Twist of Fate

Match Rating: 3/5

World Tag Team Championship Match
Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes (c) vs Cryme Tyme

In my view, This was match of the night after the Smackdown WWE Championship scramble match. This match showed how great Rhodes & Dibiase were as a Tag Team. They really had great chemistry and the same can be said for Cryme Tyme. Overall it was a great match and I really wish these guys had more matches after watching this. In the end, Priceless picked up the victory.

Match Rating: 4/5

Unsanctioned Match
Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho
This match initially was great. Your usual Michaels/Jericho match (Minus The Great American bash 2008). Towards the end though it got a bit dull and the ending was poor. The match stopped due to referee stoppage after Michaels beat Jericho to a pulp with his belt. I know this fits in the whole "Unsanctioned" category but I just thought it was a poor way to end a solid 20 minute match.   Overall though, It was definitely better then worse.

Match Rating: 3.5/5

WWE Championship Scramble Match
Triple H (c) vs Jeff Hardy vs The Brian Kendrick vs Shelton Benjamin vs Montel Vontavious Porter
Match of the night for sure. throughout this 20 minute match we saw great spots from Hardy, Benjamin and Kendrick. It really dissapoints me when I see how much WWE dropped the ball with Benjamin. I mean yeah, He ain't no Jericho on the mic but nor is Morrison, Rhodes, Jackson or other guys getting into the Upper Mid-Card which irritates me because Benjamin was possibly the most gifted guy in the WWE during his late run. Anyway, Getting off topic.

The match saw Jeff Hardy as Interim Champion with 8 seconds to go. Triple H then pedigreed Chavo I believe and covered him for the three. What made no sense was Jeff Hardy saw Triple H making the cover so he covered somebody else even though he was the Champion. That was poorly done but apart from that, It was a great match. It was also great to see The Brian Kendrick be considered WWE Champion at one stage (Not joking).

Match Rating: 4.5/5

WWE Diva's Championship Match
Michelle McCool (c) vs Maryse
Your usual REALLY bad Diva's match. It was just your usual typical crap. No need to talk about it any longer. Michelle McCool retained the title.

Match Rating: 1/5

World Heavyweight Championship Scramble Match
CM Punk (c) vs JBL vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio vs Kane vs Chris Jericho
Initially when this match started I was pissed due to Punk getting buried backstage by Orton 30 minutes before with a punt kick. Which really didn't set up a feud unless you count WM XXVII. Anyway, With Punk out it looked like Batista was the eyes on favorite. I believe there was only 3 Interim World Heavyweight Champions in this match and with like six seconds to go, Batista was champ. Then out of nowhere, Chris Jericho slid into the ring and covered Kane for the 3 count to become World heavyweight Champion with one second to spare. I personally loved the ending to this match but I can see why people would have been pissed off over it.

Overall the match was good. Not to many pin-falls so it was easy to follow and some great wrestling by Mysterio and JBL. Also, Wanna get sidetracked for a bit and tip my hat (Not wearing one, Just and expression) to Batista. The guy has been hated by the net fans for almost 10 years when honestly the guy did a great job throughout his WWE Run. Sure he was average in the ring but that was the idea and he did his job. His matches were enjoyable and this match was no exception.

Match Rating: 4/5

DVD Extra's:

Eve Torres Interviews Big Show and Vickie Guerrero as They Are Leaving the Arena
This was nothing special, Just a quick thing talking about Big Show's heel turn earlier in the night by attacking The Undertaker and helping Vickie.

Chris Jericho Addresses the Crowd from Monday Night Raw 8/9/08
Your typical awesome Jericho promo. Great three or so minutes to set up for his feud with HBK towards No Mercy .

Extra's: 2/5
Whatever happened to the days when WWE DVD's had like 40 minutes of DVD extra's? 

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