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Impact Wrestling Review 9/1/11

Introduction: TNA went to Huntsville, Alabama for 2 Impact tapings on 8/25/11, this being the first of them. The crowd looked decent, and it gives them a more major league feel.

Opening Promo: Hulk Hogan comes out, saying how Immortal is going to do business tonight. He says Flair will take on Sting on the 9/15/11 edition of Impact(Oh, God. Save us!). Hogan bashes Dixie Carter, saying the company is better in his hands. Kurt Angle makes his way out, and says his enemies are the same as Hogan's enemies. Angle vows to take out all the young guys. Sting makes his way out next, acting like a lunatic. He says he's going to go through Angle, then Flair, then Hogan. Sting vs Angle for the World Title is announced as the main event, and Hogan is the special enforcer.

1.) BFG Series Match: Gunner vs RVD

Matt Morgan was on commentary, but Samoa Joe came out, and Morgan got in the way, but Joe kicked him in the nuts. Gunner wins to make it into the Final 4 in the BFG Series, as he was tied with RVD before this match. Jerry Lynn shoved RVD off the top rope, leading to Gunner picking up the victory. Decent match.

Match Rate: 2/5

Eric Bischoff's announcement: The Knockouts come out to the ring, as Bischoff is going to announce who will be the new Knockout Law(Vice President of the Knockouts division). Bischoff comes out with Traci Brooks, who's looking very good, may I say. Bischoff rants on the division, saying they whine, and that a real lady needs to be in charge of them. Bischoff swerves Traci, and names Karen Jarrett the Knockout Law. She says the Knockouts will bow to her, and that she's going to shake things up. ODB and Jackie are now a part of the roster, and Traci Brooks is named Executive Assistant. They also said Traci "slept" with Bischoff, trying to get the position, oh well.

2.) Brian Kendrick/Jesse Sorenson vs Austin Aries/Kid Kash

Decent match, with losts of fast paced spots. Good action. Kendrick ended up brawling with Aries, as Sorenson picked up a roll-up pin over Kash. Kendrick vs Aries for the X-Division Title was announced for No Surrender.

Match Rate: 2.5/5

Winter/Angelina Love Segment: Winter drinks blood, as she says Mickie will be torn apart if she tries to take what she loves away from her. It turns into a Mickie James segment, and Mickie vows to kick Winter's ass.

Jeff Hardy return package: TNA hypes up Hardy's return for next week. Why on Earth is he returning? He showed up to Victory Road trashed, and he still gets to come back? Stars featured in the video, such as Beer Money, Matt Morgan, Sting, etc, talk about Hardy's situation, and that he'll be on the right track. It's said Hardy will be given a live mic to talk about what's on his mind next week.

Kurt Angle segment: Angle promises to take out Sting tonight. Hulk Hogan shows up, and says Angle needs to come with him to New York to take out The Network. Hogan says Jeff Hardy is garbage, and that Immortal dumped him months ago.

3.) Knockouts Championship: Winter vs Mickie James

This was a very good women's match. Back and forth action, submission holds, near falls, and Angelina Love was barred from ringside, just about a minute into the match. This match delivered, as I expected. Mickie James picks up the win, to become the NEW Knockouts Champion! I like it and all, but Winter won the title just at Hardcore Justice, about 3 weeks ago, also this was Winter's first title defense. However, it is, what it is.

Match Rate: 3/5

Matt Morgan/Samoa Joe brawl: Matt Morgan comes out to the ring, and calls out Samoa Joe. Joe comes out, shoves the ref down, and it turns into a brawl. Morgan had the upperhand, but Joe got the better of him, and leaves Matt laid out. Is Samoa Joe starting to get pushed again? I hope so.

Robbie E/Rob Terry segment: Robbie and Terry are seen in a gym, and Robbie brings up his offer to Terry again. Robbie E says Terry could benefit from being his manager. Eric Young shows up and challenges Robbie E to a match next week, and it's made official. Robbie E tells Terry to keep thinking about it. Cookie was released from TNA, so they put Robbie with Terry? Where is The British Invasion?

Immortal segment: Hogan talks to Immortal in the locker room area. Hogan says Jeff Hardy is a joke, and that his return is meaningless. Hogan says business must be handled tonight, and they join in hands.

4. Daniels vs AJ Styles

Pretty decent match. Great chemistry together, and it really made it seem like Daniels wanted the victory. Decent paced action. Daniels gets the win, after Styles slips on the ropes. Honestly, that's how you let Daniels wins? A slip on the ropes? Styles extends his hand after the match, but Daniels walks away, thus turning Daniels heel.

Match Rate: 3.5/5

5.) World Championship: Kurt Angle vs Sting, with Hogan as the special enforcer

This was a decent match. I liked the action, and these two have always been known to put on decent matches with eachother. Hogan cost Sting the match, which ruined the match. Gunner tried to get involved, but Sting took him out. Angle retains, and Immortal beats down Sting, until Mr. Anderson makes the save.

Match Rate: 3/5

Conclusion: This show was much better than last week's. Good matches, not as many segments, and things advanced. It really helps for them to go on the road, as people are actually paying to see them(Impact in Orlando is free), so perhaps a better effort is put in. I'm looking forward to next week. Crimson vs Angle was what I was interested in, but Crimson is written out via the attack from Joe on the 8/25/11 edition.

Overall Rate: 7/10


~ Knockouts Match
~ Styles vs Daniels
~ Gunner advancing to the Final 4
~ Sting vs Angle
~ Samoa Joe going over
~ X-Division Tag Match


~ Karen Jarrett as Knockout Law
~ Jeff Hardy return hype
~ Hogan promo
~ Immortal involvement in the main event
~ Robbie E/Rob Terry possible alliance

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