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WWE SuperSmackdown Review - 30.08.2011

The show kicks off with a very nice package which has a real PPV/Saturday Nights Main Event sort of feel to it. The package promotes the Steel Cage match between Christian and Randy Orton, Punk/Trips contract signing and a match between Barrett and Cena which wasn't even promoted which I found quite stupid on WWE's part. Anyway, We'll get to that in a sec.

I just wanna say before I go into details about the match that Cena's ovation had alot of heat from what I could tell. It could be my feed that I am watching it through but it seemed all around negative which isn't what I was expecting considering Smackdown is alot more family based. If it is just my feed then send us a message on Facebook through TLP.

Cena cuts a great promo, Especially his little dig at Tony Chimel with the whole "SUper SMackdown". Got a good chuckle out of that. He also mentioned some stuff like Shotgun, Smokey Mountain Wrestling etc. which I think nobody in the arena got. Thought it was amusing though. I got to say, Since the whole Punk shoot has occurred, Punk and Cena have become very Taboo with there promo's. I personally love it but now it just seems like a whole "What can I mention to show I'm more of a wrestling fan then the other guy" sorta thing. No complaints though.

After the little promo, Ricardo Rodriguez came out stating that Cena will have to wait till Night Of Champions to see Alberto Del Rio. This was due to Del Rio's absence from the show due to his Visa issues. Wade Barrett then comes out and shows why he is one of the best on the microphone cutting a solid promo. he mentions their feud from last year and mentions how Smackdown is HIS home ground.

Singles Match: John Cena vs Wade Barrett
Anyway, The match wasn't bad. Typical Cena weekly show match. Barrett got some good offense within the 5 minutes though. What I don't get is Barrett losing. Barrett needs to get into the Main Event QUICKLY as Smackdown has three main event guys at the moment, Him losing on his own show like that is just stupid. Nobody said Barrett has to win clean. He just needs victories so next month they can change the main event up.

Match Rating: 3/5

Next we see Matt Striker sporting a terrible haircut. Nearly as bad as his Big Daddy V days. He speaks in his usual 'Serious' tone and introduces Mark Henry. He speaks his 'Hall of pain' nonsense which I believe is not recognized by the WWE. xP
On a serious note, Henry gets asked by Striker what it's like to be in a Steel Cage. According to Henry it is the most dangerous match there is. I guess Hell In A Cell, Elimination Chamber, TLC sorta matches don't count anymore. Overall, the promo was just a pointless way to convey fear for Mark Henry. Really was meaningless.
Singles Match: Sin Cara vs Daniel Bryan
 Booker T is jizzing himself like usual during Bryan's entrance but his points are valid so ...

The match itself was great up until the end. Usually what you'd expect from Hunico and Danielson so it was good to see. Lots of great submission's, a great suicide dive and an awesome springboard crossbody from Sin Cara. As for the ending, It sucked. Cara won clean out of nowhere. It was as if Bryan was hurt and they had to end the match quick but it wasn't. It was just a shit ending.
Match Rating: 3/5 

After the match we saw a change of personality from Sin Cara as he head kicked Daniel Bryan. Personally I thought this was great because it throws a spanner in the works. Us as fans never knew Cara's alignment because he has never said a word. We just assume because he has a high flyer and he wears blue that he is instantly a good guy. But now, We are puzzled which is smart from WWE's end. This was one plus from this weeks SuperSmackdown.

While I am on the topic of this match, Why is Bryan losing? He wins Money In The Bank and now he is losing all credibility. I assume it is another storyline like they did with him on NXT where he has a huge losing streak but I don't like it. There is no need for it.

Next we have a promo from Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston ... now dubbed "Air-Boom". I have never been high on Evan Bourne when it comes to microphone so an average promo from him was expected but Kofi is always good on the mic. He talked up 'Air-Boom' and compared them to the likes of L.O.D, Demolition and for some unknown reason 'Harlem Heat'. Decent promo. Nothing to get excited about or anything.

After this we see a great little package which pretty much caps up the whole Christian/Orton feud and actually makes the feud look great ... Even if it has been boring as hell. We then see a great promo from Christian saying that he doesn't need the likes of Edge to prove how great he is. He states that he always gets what he wants and tonight will be no exception.

Tag Team Match: Kelly Kelly & Alicia Fox vs Beth Phoenix & Natayla
 Wasn't Alicia Fox a heel last week? Anyway it doesn't matter. The match was hit.

In the end Phoenix won the match by pinning Fox. Kelly then reluctantly checked on Alicia Fox.
Match Rating: 1/5 

We then come back from Commercial to see Teddy Long in the ring for the Contract signing. Oh yeah, Shit is gonna go down. Triple H comes out as Michael Cole talks him down for stepping in the ring against CM Punk at NOC. Triple H then recaps what happened on Raw as CM Punk comes out to a standing ovation. Especially during his Austin taunt.

The promo starts off with Triple H saying how he has tried everything to please CM Punk; Mentioning his T-Shirt, Living Color for his theme song among numerous things. Triple H states that he has now had enough and he is going to face him like a man.

CM Punk then responds by talking into his 'Pipe-Bomb'. He mentions that he doesn't want to face to COO, He wants to face "The Cerebral Assassin". He then goes onto compare Trips to Vince McMahon because he cannot separate Business from Personal Issues. He also mentions that he wants change and recognizes when things suck. Both men go back on forth until Punk mentions that he wants to make this business fun again because before he was a wrestler, He was a fan. Punk then signs the contract after saying "At Night Of Champions, Don't fine me, Don't suspend me after I kick your ass".

Triple H then goes further back into the promo as I assume he was lost for words and talks about the Vince McMahon comparison. He states how it was a great compliment because if it wasn't for Vince they wouldn't be standing there. Punk then states that Triple H is living in the past and Punk is looking into the future. Triple H then brings up the "Skinny, Fat ass" again. I LOLed

Out comes Nash rocking the NWO theme. As soon as he gets into the ring Punk goes on the assault but gets a big boot from Nash. Triple H then holds back Nash but Nash shoves Trips to the ground before leaving.

Overall, This was highlight of the night. Great segment showing why Raw is a far superior show at the moment.

Singles Match: Khali vs Sheamus

Uh, Where do I start? The whole match was just pathetic. I guess it was expected though when you have Khali in the ring. This match just flat out sucked.

In the end, Sheamus won by DQ as Jinder Mahal interfered.
Match Rating: 1/5 

In the end there was a beatdown which Sheamus got the upperhand in. After this we saw an advert for Triple H;s new film "Inside Out". To be honest, This movie actually looks decent which is rare for WWE Films. But then again The Marine didn't look half bad and that flat out sucked.

Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight championship:
Randy Orton (c) vs Christian

This match was great and personally my second favorite from all their matches after Summerslam. The only issue I had with the match was the adverts cutting away from the match. Apart from that it was a high quality match up. Momentum shifted continuously which tends to be a rare factor in steel cage matches so I thoroughly enjoyed it. In the end Randy Orton picked up the victory with a Super RKO.
Match Rating: 4.5/5

  After the match we saw Mark Henry come to the ring to add somebody to his prestigious Hall Of Pain list. He beat down on Orton by throwing him into the cage a few times and then delivering his World's Strongest Slam. To be honest, WWE did a nice job here with making Henry look menacing. He definitely evoked fear throughout the arena. I felt it anyway so props to WWE with making Henry fearful heading into Night Of Champions in the coming weeks.

Pro's of SuperSmackdown:
  • Sin Cara vs Mah Boi D.Bryan
  • Sin Cara heel turn
  • Contract signing
  • Steel Cage Match
  • Mark Henry/Randy Orton aftermath.
Con's of SuperSmackdown:
  • Diva's Tag Team match.
  • Daniel Bryan losing so clean
  • Barrett getting buried by Cena
  • Sheamus vs Khali 
Overall rating:
3.5 - 4/5 

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