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Impact Wrestling review 9/22/11

Introduction: The 9/22 edition of Impact Wrestling kept forwarding the storylines leading into Bound For Glory. Sting beat Ric Flair, and now is able to face Hogan at Bound For Glory, and Angle's plan to have Roode face his Fortune friends continues.

Opening promo: Sting comes out to the ring in a Hogan shirt, and says he beat Ric Flair, so Hogan is all his now. He wants Hogan to come out, and Hogan comes out. Hogan says he isn't medically cleared to compete. Sting rolls footage of Hogan attacking him with a chair. Sting says screw BFG, and to let the match happen now. Eric Bischoff comes out asking Sting who the hell does he think he is, and Sting knocks him out.

Knockouts segment: 
Karen Jarrett says tonight is the second match in the Queen's Qualifier matches. Karen is with Mickie James, Miss Tessmacher, and Traci Brooks. Karen tells Tessmacher to keep herself covered, and tells her and Mickie to leave. Karen tells Traci to cover up her tits. Kaz comes in, and says if Karen isn't running a hoe house, then why is she dressed like a madam? Also, Kaz says Karen better only charge 50 cents an hour, cause that's all she's worth. Funny stuff.

1.) Queen's Qualifier match: Mickie James vs Miss Tessmacher I'm guessing the Knockouts are on the some boat as the Divas? Short match, nothing special.. not even 2 minutes long. Mickie picks up the win. Match rate: 1/5

Al Snow/Jeff Hardy segment: Al says everyone makes mistakes, and tells Jeff not to make the same one again. Al Snow says he forgives Jeff, and to ask forgiveness from the top, and work his way down. 

2.) X-Division championship: Austin Aries(c) vs Jesse Sorenson This was a decent match, good action. Kid Kash distracted Sorenson, which allowed Aries to retain. Match rate: 3/5 

Anderson/RVD segment: RVD and Anderson say they have singles matches against Lynn/Bully Ray at BFG, but tonight they face them in a tag match.

Mexican America/Ink Inc brawl: Anarquia is in a tattoo parlor cause he's going to get a tat on his chest. Anarquia tells Sarita/Rosita to get tequila. The artist leaves, and says a new one is coming in. MA prays, and Ink Inc comes in, and brawls with Mexican America. Ink Inc stands tall. Very good brawl, and Jesse Neal is back! Finally.

Jeff Hardy/Matt Morgan segment: Jeff asks Matt if he's seen Kurt Angle, and Matt says no. Matt says he used to be addicted to painkillers, and that he'd be hypocritical if he didn't give Jeff another chance. 

RVD segment: RVD is found laid out backstage. Tenay says they'll find out who did it, but they never did. -_-  

Angle/Roode promo: Angle calls out Roode to the ring. Roode comes out, and Angle says Roode passed the first test by beating Kaz. Angle questions if Daniels will play by the rules tonight. Roode says he'll capture the titlr at BFG. Angle says one man might stand in Roode's way, and Storm comes out. Storm swerves everyone by getting in Roode's face, but then turns to Angle. He challenges Angle to a match later on. 

3.) Handi-cap match: Bully Ray/Jerry Lynn vs Mr. Anderson Due to RVD being laid out, this was made into a handi-cap match. Very slow, and boring match. Jerry Lynn/Bully Ray pick up the win. Match rate: 2/5

Daniels promo: Daniels comes out for his scheduled match with Robert Roode, but says he won't face Roode. Daniels says he beat AJ, and has nothing to prove. Styles comes out. Styles says if Daniels keeps being cocky, they're going to have another match, and all that Daniels does is takes jabs at him. Daniels calls Styles a bitch, and they brawl. After security tried to, Kaz breaks it up. Daniels kicks Styles in the nuts to end the segment. What I'm wondering is why Kurt or Roode didn't come out to say anything about Daniels not doing the match? Un-finished crap. 
Kaz/Daniels segment: Daniels tells Kaz to get off of him, and says it's AJ's fault. Kaz says this is family, and Daniels says Styles has been acting like a boss to Daniels ever since he returned. Kaz sees AJ, and AJ blames it on Daniels. AJ says Daniels just takes shots at him. Kaz says this is who Daniels is, and tells Styles to be the bigger man.

Hogan/Bischoff segment: Bischoff says he's going to find a loophole in the contract, and Hogan says he's dropping a bombshell next week on Impact. 

4.) Kurt Angle vs James Storm This was a really good match, with lots of near falls, and fast action. This match also got the time needed to be good. However, it ended in a no contest when Storm superkicked the first ref, and then Gunner pulled the second ref out from pinning Storm's cover. Gunner attacked Storm, and Roode came out for the save. Roode holds up the title, and him and Angle stare to close the show. Match rate: 4/5 

Conclusion: This episode of Impact wasn't anything special. Stuff was left hanging in the air, although some feuds are getting the right build to them. I'm also sick of the same feuds, Jerry Lynn/RVD, Styles/Daniels... nothing is original. Overall rate: 4/10


~ Aries vs Sorenson 
~ Jesse Neal returning 
~ Storm vs Angle 
~ Robert Roode hype 


~ Knockouts match 
~ Hogan's hype for a "bombshell" 
~ Sting's stale gimmick 
~ Daniels/Styles feud 
~ RVD/Lynn, Anderson/Ray feuds 
~ Daniels/Roode being hyped, only to not take place

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