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Wrestlemania 28 Countdown: The Top 28 Matches in Wrestlemania History - #26

Wrestlemania 28 Countdown: The Top 28 Matches in Wrestlemania History - #26

Wrestlemania XX: Christian vs Chris Jericho

Wrestlemania XX displayed some of Wrestlemania's greatest matches. One of those matches which got #26 on the top 28 Matches in Wrestlemania history is Christian vs Chris Jericho. Sure, It sounds like your typical 2005 Raw contest but this match showed why both men were two of the best at the time and since then it has escalated greatly.

The match is most likely memorable for the infamous Trish Stratus heel turn when she aligned herself with Christian but when you take that out of the match, The match still is one of the best in Mania history.

The TLP Staff share their thoughts on why this match is in the top #28 matches in Wrestlemania history.

Sykesy: Christian vs Jericho at XX is great for so many reasons, Firstly the wrestling was incredible with Chirstian and Jericho's similar styles. The match flowed beautifully with no flaws what so ever. Then we have the memorable heel turn from Trish Stratus which in my opinion was hot as hell. To me this match was just A+ quality and is well deserving in this list. Although, I wouldn't say this match skyrocketed their careers like some would say. Christian was released 18 months later and Jericho didn't see World Championship gold till three years later. In the end though, This match should that Mid-Carders can steal a show.

Darkside: Jericho vs. Christian at WrestleMania 20 was something I had been looking forward to in a while during that year of 2004. While both men had faced each other before, by this year both men had reached new heights in their careers. Jericho was already a former World Champion, while Christian, became a well known name as a Single's competitor. The match offered great athleticism and was a true closing to the Tag Team that Christian and Jericho had, that began in 2002. Christian in the end had the last laugh, and from then on, it showed the wrestling world that Christian could play with the big boys, as such he is to this present day on SmackDown.

Glenus18: Christian vs Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 20, was a very good match. Jericho being the awesome wrestler he is, against Christian who is underrated. The match had the proper time needed, and the build to it was very well done. Christian got the win, making the match even more special.

PROXY: Christian v Chris Jericho …. where style met substance.
While most will remember WM20 as John Cena's arrival on the world scene capturing the US title. What WM20 showed more so was the level of depth in WWE's mid card. While successfully putting together a cringe worthy love promo to build up the match, by the time the final bell rang after a solid 15 minutes it was two other superstars that also arrived.

After some “tough love” and a couple lock ups the match is underway. Its all Jericho from here, chops, suplexes and closelines. Moving into the match the crowd are clearly behind Jericho until Christian throws Jericho over the top rope backwards. From this point for the next 5 to 8 minutes the match falls in Christian's favour, even kicking out of the walls of Jericho. But through to the final bell the crowd were treated to your classic swinging momentum match.

In the end it was Christian’s style that out played Jericho's substance. What impressed me about this match and why it belongs on the list of must see matches of the past decade is that it really highlighted the pure “wrestling” talent that these two superstars can bring to the ring. While the back and forth kept everyone on their seat it was the text book execution that deserves to be mentioned. From grappling to submission with a dash of high flying, we saw it all. Sure, a title belt wasn’t on offer, but when Trish Stratus' is thrown in for good measure that US title is just a distant memory.

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