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WWE Raw Review, 19/09/2011 - Hugh Jackman Guest Hosts

Just want to give an apology to both our readers (xP) for having Raw up so late. There was some major miscommunication amongst the TLP staff so for that, I apologize. Anyway, Time for the Raw review.


This weeks Raw kicks off the best way I know how, With CM Punk. CM Punk mentions that this Arena in Cleveland Ohio has not been kind to him. He had to forfeit his first World Championship here (Unforgiven 08) and he received a hard right by Bob Holly that he now has a dead spot. He then mentions his match the night before at Night Of Champions and agrees with "Awesome Truth" that there is a conspiracy within WWE. Triple H's theme then hits and Trips comes out in his suit. Just thought it was notable that he is selling jackshit, Even though Punk is walking around with a limp. Typical Triple H trying to look superior.

But back on track. HHH mentions that Cena won last night and Del Rio deserves his rematch but Punk also deserves the rematch he never received. Therefore there will be a first ever Triple Threat Hell In A Cell match at Hell In A Cell. I personally thought this was great, Firstly you throw Punk into the mix because Cena vs Del Rio is boring as all hell but also a Hell In A Cell match. Personally marked for this. Doubt Punk will win though. Punk then quickly goes back to his Conspiracy and mentions that somebody is pitting himself and Triple H against one another. He then mentions they are higher up the ladder. Thinking Vince McMahon here ... or Jack Tunney.

Johnny Lauranitis then comes out with his clean crisp voice as he tells Triple H that CM Punk is in the middle of it (Yeah because Punk wants himself to lose to Triple H and get beaten on by numerous guys ...). Punk then interrupts and asks what Lauranitis' job is. John responds with the whole "I am the Vice President of Talent Relations". Punk then mocks him and claims that Lauranitis is behind all the attacks because he thinks he deserves to be the C.O.O

Triple H then tells both men that he will get to the bottom of this and promises that somebody will be fired by the end of tonight.

Eight Man Tag Match
Sheamus, Justin Gabriel and Air-Boom vs Christian, Wade Barrett, David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty

I am not going to get into much detail about this match. It was just a brief few moves by each guy with Sheamus picking up the victory after a Brogue Kick and Celtic Cross on Otunga for the three count.

Match Rating: 1.5/5
Honestly was one of the only negative aspects of this Raw, Just seemed completely thrown together to be honest. Too many guys now with a Super show so they throw them in when they can.

The camera cuts backstage as a referee tells Triple H that The Miz & Truth are on their way to the arena and the referee staff are concerned for their safety. Triple H then says that he will take care of it as Del Rio walks in and complains about his HIAC match being Triple Threat. HHH then states that he can have his match against Cena tonight instead but Del Rio declines saying he has to prepare for Cena.

Singles Match
Alberto Del Rio vs John Morrison

Didn't really see the point of this as it was like a jobber contest with Del Rio picking up the win with ease with his Cross-Armbreaker. I really gotta feel for Morrison though. Getting buried for no apparent reason (To my knowledge). 

Match Rating: 1/5

Jackman comes out and plugs his new film "Real Steel" which looks OK. He is quickly interupted by Vickie and Dolph. Vickie flirts with Jackman and Jackman doesn't seem to mind (I assume his kids are watching at this stage.) Dolph then starts ripping into Hugh about taking his TV time when he should be celebrating.

The underdog starts to play a theme in the promo as Dolph challenges Hugh Jackman to find anyone backstage to wrestle Dolph tonight. Jackman runs outside the ring and grabs a Zack Ryder >> Wolverine sign as we cut to a break.

We come back to see a match between Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes. This match is rudely interrupted (Mini rage as we don't see rhodes again) as the other Sin Cara comes down to the ring. Just a sidebar, You know the little kids are probably going crazy for this shit. Cara vs Cara ... Even though we have no idea which is which from a distance. MisticoCara and HunicoCara start exchanging Hurricanrana's and moonsaults and eventually MisticoCara gets the upperhand as HunicoCara flee's.

We then cut backstage to see Awesome Truth in HHH's office. The Miz apologizes for his actions at Night Of Champions. Miz goes on to say that they now know Trips is not part of the conspiracy and they love being WWE Superstars. Triple H says fine, He won't fire them. But he will fine them $250 000 for putting their hands on an official (No one would believe $250 000, Not even a seven year old. Maybe 50k but 250k ... C,mon). Trips says he accepts the money Monday morning or they are fired. He then states that seeming they love being WWE Superstars, They will have no problem facing Punk and Cena tonight.

We now cross over to the ring to see Jim Ross in there. He announces at Hell In A Cell Mark Henry will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton. J.R. then introduces Henry as he makes his way to the ring. JR congratulates Henry on his victory but Henry starts talking about his doubters, Including Ross. He claims that no man will ever take his championship and tells JR to apologize on behalf of all these fans who doubted him. JR apologizes but Henry grabs JR by the throat and starts choking him. Ross constantly yells out "He's hurting me" ( I LOLed). King then gets into the ring trying to break up the choke. Eventually Henry starts choking King. King then takes a swing at Henry but Henry punches him down to the mat before delivering a World's Strongest Slam. Henry then kicks King out of the ring and pulls the announce table apart before delivering a World's Strongest Slam on King through the announce table.

Tag Team Match
Kelly Kelly & Eve vs Beth Phoenix & Natayla

One again I had a mini rage with this match. Simply for the fact that Kelly won AGAIN. Although it wasn't THAT bad for a diva's match. There was a decent hurricanranna from Kelly at one point so apart from the loss it was an okay minute and a half or so.

Match Rating: 1.5/5

Backstage we see Jackman talking to Zack Ryder. Jackman is like "Well let me get this right. You made your own internet Championship, The diva's want nothing to do with you and you're never on raw". Ryder responded with WWWYKI which got a pop. Jackman states that Ryder is the guy he was looking for as they head to the ring. Pretty funny segment to be honest.

Singles Match
Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero vs Zack Ryder w/ Hugh Jackman

The match kicks off with Ryder in control getting a blow on Ryder and roll up for the two count. Ryder then throws Ziggler into the corner and hits a facewash but only for the nearfall. Ziggler fights back with an arsenal of kicks before hitting a neckbreaker. Ziggler gets distracted with Hugh at ringside which Ryder takes advantage of with a roll up but Ziggler kicks out. Ziggler then applies an armbar but Ryder eventually escapes. Both men then clothesline each other as Ryder tries using the ropes to get to his feet but Vickie Guerrero slaps him across the face. The referee see's this and sends her to the back as Hugh Jackman delivers a devastating right hook to Ziggler. Ryder then hits the Rough Ryder for the three.

Match Rating: 4/5
This match was probably average from a non biased point of view but having Ziggler and Ryder in the same match is amazing. Its like a dream match for me at the moment seeming Ziggler is #1 in my fav 5 and Ryder is #2 xP

We go backstage to see CM Punk talking to John Cena. Cena says how they are very much alike. They are both controversial and have history making matches. Cena says they will go well tonight but he is worried what will happen afterwards at Hell In A Cell. He then says that Punk might not even be at Hell In A Cell if he is fired. Punk gives his smirk before saying that he might not get fired, Instead Cena might and he would be the first ever WWE Champion to get fired.

Tag Team Match
 The Miz and R-Truth vs John Cena and CM Punk
This was a very good main event match which saw great wrestling by all four men. This match really showed why Truth and Miz should be top guys at the moment. Due to miscommunication in the end, The Miz bumps Truth off the apron and Punk hits the GTS for the win.

Match Rating: 4/5

After the match, Triple H comes out and fires The Miz and R-Truth. Miz/Truth get aggravated and run backstage and start beating into Triple H but are eventually escorted out of the building by random superstars.

Overall Rating: 4/5
Not all the matches were great, But the segments this week were top quality.

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